Sunbeam Lair There's the eternity I was looking for
All Welcome  April 16, 2018, 03:56 PM
Lone Wolves

Phoenix wasn't aware of how long he lingered in the quiet of Sunbeam Lair, but he knew that he wasn't yet tired of it, despite mostly sleeping in its warm atmosphere. Winter breezes were stretching long into spring, but this didn't seem to bother him here. He felt happily encased by the hideaway; safe, secluded, and most importantly: well fed. There were enough things to explore here as well that boredom didn't become him, and loneliness was kept at bay through his activity here.

He knew he didn't want to stay -- but he could recuperate here without much fanfare, and it was all the yearling needed for now. With burnished ears twitching every now and again, Phoenix lazed in a slim patch of heatless sunlight, his eyes closed and his other senses lulling as a nap loomed threateningly on the edges of his consciousness.

April 16, 2018, 04:17 PM
Wraen was returning to Sunspire after a few days worth of exploring in the taiga and the valley. Though the winter was hesitant to leave just as much as on the other side of the mountain range, she was going home with some hope for the future. Despite the grim prospects of having too many mouths to feed, they had options. And not just a few, but many, if they played out their cards well. 

She had never heard the quote about "never tickling a sleeping dragon" and therefore, whenever she saw a person lying down and appearing quite motionless, she had the natural instinct of approaching and make sure that they were alive. It was no different now, when she was drawn out from the world of daydreams by the sight of a dozing wolf in the vicinity. Carefully she made her way over to him, stopped at a safe distance and asked: "Is all well with you?"
April 17, 2018, 11:13 AM
Lone Wolves

Having grown up in a pack where there was always someone looming nearby, Phoenix was never really surprised by the sudden appearance of another wolf—even when it was a complete stranger and he was caught totally off-guard. His eyes widened, honing in on the voice that had reached out to him, but other than a slight shift of his muzzle to look at her properly, he didn't seem very startled. It didn't serve as a great lesson to the she-wolf who would so openly bother a resting predator.

His fat tail began to thump on the ground, and he yawned to wake himself up more, eyes alighting her mocha-grey features as he studied her. She seemed harmless, he thought, so he didn't bother to rise. "I'm fine," he sniffed casually, shifting on his elbow slightly as he shrugged. "Just taking a break. Awful nice of you to check up on me, though. Who are you?"