Bracken Sanctuary
April 20, 2018, 12:42 AM
Bracken Sanctuary
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Name: [The] Bracken Sanctuary
Acronym: BRS
Ranks: here
Colors:  #DAA489 &  #46B5B1
Foundation: 04/09/2018

Current Information

Location: Broken Boulder, Snowforest Taiga
Governor — Alarian; 04/09/18 - present
Chancellor — Delight; 05/22/18 - present
Scholar — Eris; 05/06/18 - present
Consultant — Lily; 05/06/18 - present
Sanctuary Status: Open

Pack Laws & Philosophy


Basic Laws
· Do not harm any packmate.
· Do not steal from any packmate.
· Do not disrespect any packmate.
· Do not betray the pack.
· All pack members are expected to contribute to the pack through taking trades.

Pack Member Rights
· All members have the right to request an appeal regarding decisions made by leadership.
· All members have the right to participate in pack meetings, activities, and discussions.
· All members have the right to protection and to have all basic needs met.
· Any member who commits a crime worthy of banishment immediately forfeits all of these rights.

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May 30, 2018, 01:05 PM
Bracken Sanctuary


Bracken Sanctuary does not enforce any sort of dominance; physical displays of dominance are frowned upon, while true authority is used sparingly and only by leadership. Instead, rank is a measure of respect and responsibility within the pack.

Rank and trade are loosely tied together in Bracken Sanctuary; all ranks but the lowest are trade-specific. In order to move from the lowest rank, Cipher, you must acquire a trade— those who already have a trade must demonstrate it once to leadership. Promotion from middle to upper ranks can be achieved through activity or earning a specialty. Leadership and Senate ranks are chosen from the upper ranks by vote.*


Governor — Effectively the leader of Bracken Sanctuary; responsible for the safety of the pack & all its members.
Chancellor — Acts as the right-hand— a vice president of sorts.


all Senate members act as advisors to leadership
Scholar — Collects relevant & important information regarding the pack’s current events; may also perform ambassador duties.
Scribe — Keeps the pack’s history & gathers history from the surrounding lands and packs.
Consultant — Maintains & monitors pack morale & member/leader relations.

Upper & Middle Ranks

Responsible for helping maintain the pack via practicing their trade and/or being a participating member of the pack; higher ranked members are expected to help guide & teach the lowest ranked members.

Lower Ranks

The sole rank, Cipher, is an undetermined rank; wolves in this rank have not yet carved out their place in the pack.

Youth Ranks

The Ward rank represents pups abandoned or orphaned within Bracken Sanctuary; these pups are to be raised by leadership & the Senate if no mother volunteers. All other pups are "Pup" rank.

*this is with the exception of the first leaders & Senate members; exception may also be made when numbers are low.

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