Swiftcurrent Creek They'll tell you I don't care anymore, and I hope you'll know that's a lie
All Welcome  May 24, 2018, 05:29 PM
Swiftcurrent Creek
@Chusi Backdated to when Chusi's group first gets accepted to Swiftcurrent, before her pregnancy

The first thing the grey-ticked wolf did upon acceptance into the new pack was head swiftly down to the creek for a long drink. He was hungry too, but that would have to wait. The water was cool and clean, so Clock drank thirstily and allowed that to fill his belly for now. When he was done, he raised his head and licked his lips as rivulets of fresh creek water spilled from his mouth to the river rocks underneath him. He eyed the landscape thoughtfully, wrapping his mind around the idea that this was his new home. It was more exposed than he would have liked. He was a wolf who preferred thick forests and large rocky outcroppings, but he supposed having the river run through the territory would make finding prey easier. And the gods knew, he was hungry. Well, it was all foreign right now, but Clock soothed his discomfort by telling himself that soon it would feel like home.

He wondered what to do next. His first urge was to explore the territory in depth, but he guiltily reminded himself that there was something more important to do first. He needed to thank the wolf who brought him here - Chusi. They barely knew each other when she offered to take him and anyone else who would follow across the mountain ranges to a prospective home. He had been wary the whole time, not sure if he trusted her or not. She was nice enough, but she was young and had seemed so... carefree. It was an admirable quality, but not one that inspired much confidence when it came to making life plans. And so, Clock had kept a distance from her as they traveled, not wanting her to mistake friendliness for an alliance. Thinking about it now made him nearly hang his head in shame. He needed to find her and let her know how much he appreciated what she had done for them all.

Going back to the area where his group had initially met with the alphas, he found that the wolves had since dispersed, leaving the area deserted. His amber eyes flicked back and forth, looking for the small dark-furred female as he moved along. She couldn't have gone far...