Bearclaw Valley judgement day
May 31, 2018, 07:04 AM
Bearclaw Valley
for @Xan, please :)

It left little to the imagination what Laurel's purposes may be as she set out that day. There was a determination in her step and a purposefulness in her gaze; dutiful, full of motherly love and resolve of what she must do. She had not fully recovered from giving birth and the weak weeks that followed where she was confined to the den. She'd only started moving around weeks ago, mostly after she and Indra had merged dens to hers. She hadn't let Xan near the pups -- not her pups, anyway, he could have Nunataq and Marten whenever he wanted -- and had mostly doted upon them. But today she would dote upon them in a different ways. Make things right, even though she herself had no idea how the meeting would end. Whether she'd tell Xan to stuff it or call into his arms and live happily ever after.

Rather than calling she sought to follow his scent trail from when he'd last dropped by the den to deliver some food, figuring she would find him that way.
June 22, 2018, 12:59 AM
Bearclaw Valley
Sorry this took ages to get out. @_@;

It was not towards the entrance where he so often lingered that the male would come to be found, but deep within the woods instead. He was situated near an old, abandoned burrow, into which he stared before stuffing a new rabbit fur into it; it was the first addition he’d made to his hidden storage in years, the last having been when he was just a pup. Following that, he turned to leave, only to stop in his tracks as he spotted Laurel. He did not say anything to her—he didn’t know what to say, honestly—and instead just nodded, acknowledging her presence but leaving the decision in her paws on whether or not they’d converse.

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