Fairspell Meadow Small dinner, spoiled by you
All Welcome  June 06, 2018, 09:34 PM
Lone Wolves

set after her join thread in Blackfeather Woods.

Laska trotted away from Blackfeather woods to find some of her favorite things in the summer that were few and far between, berries. Just the thought of a berry bush made her mouth water, slobber pooled in her mouth and slowly dripped from her jaws. Her nose was looking out for her as she lifted it and smelled the air... ohh I'm close to some, she thought as she continued on the path her scent sniffer was taking her on. Eventually she ended up in a meadow, it had overgrown grass and beautiful flowers, for a moment she was dazed at the scenery but her nose brought her out of it.

There!, she spots them up ahead, two berry bushes. She didn't care what kind of berries or even what was around her at this point. Her legs were fully stretched as she got to them, she made a sliding stop just to look cool for herself. After a light chuckle she let her tongue wrap around one of the berries and pull them off the bush. As she munched on it careful to get all the flavor she closed her eyes. It was everything she had been hoping for, it was summer time and her favorite food was out.

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