Bearclaw Valley you have to sleep; it's what keeps you pretty
All Welcome  June 07, 2018, 02:13 AM
Bearclaw Valley
Someone come interrupt Piper's nap!
What bliss!
Sleeping was everything that Piper truly loved. I mean, hogging out on mom’s milk had been tons of fun, but they were long past the days of hanging out with a good teat and the kids had moved well into the days of gnawing on chewy meat. While the meat tasted alright, the Redleaf girl really missed the good days of mom’s milk train. She was looking at hopping back on board that express lane anyway she could. Since the lactose express seemed to have been closed for business, the second-best thing to gorging on milk was sleeping the day away.
Piper was sprawled on her side with her arm tucked beneath her, pinching against a nerve that would surely cause her to lose feeling in her leg. Her tiny mouth was parted just slightly so that the tip of her tongue protruded from between her lips. From deep within the back of her throat, the russet-colored Redleaf child was producing the world’s most obnoxious snoring noise. Alas, she was so deep in her slumber that sleeping beauty could not hear the echoing sounds of her snores against the den walls.
Again, what bliss!
June 10, 2018, 05:48 AM
Bearclaw Valley
Nunataq had spent the early morning hours by pestering one of the adults, until he or she gave in and played with her. Which was not an easy task, because the puppy did not seem to know the concept "tired" - and even, when she was tripping over her feet and could barely keep her eyes open for exhaustion, her inner will to be constantly on the move and to be doing something was stronger. Eventually she had fallen asleep with a little twig still clasped in her jaws.

An hour later her eyes were open, she got to her feet, shook her coat and was in the "what to do now" mode again. Having slept by the doorstep of the den, she now peered inside to see, if anyone would be up for some mischief. And luck (really?) would have it that her eyes fell on Piper's sleeping form. Nuna crouched, approached her sister in a stealthy manner, waited and then with set of teeth ready for an assault, pounced at her butt, intent to sink her teeth in the soft fur and flesh.