Firestone Hot Springs go down to the gallows at midnight
All Welcome  June 07, 2018, 02:49 AM
Lone Wolves

When they had settled in for another night along the winding stretch of river, he slept briefly. While the days had been warm, it was hard not to acknowledge that the nights stayed cool, as though even now the fringes of the cooler seasons still tickled and pulled at his coat. It wasn't the chill that woke him so much as it were the pull to be mobile; restlessness had stirred in him since the coast for no particular reason he could pin down, and the miles they wore onto their feet did little to satisfy it.

Certain @Nyx was in the throes of some sort rest, he had slipped away during the cloudless night to sort his thoughts. The river was easiest to cross at a broad, shallow point, and he did so with little effort expended. A quick shake of his coat later and he moved along the gravel and mud laden bank before climbing up and out... to be greeted by the smell of sulphur to turn his stomach briefly. It too was a threshold easily met; the appeal of hot springs were a welcoming sight.

Long legs traced their stony edges where they erupted from earth, the pools having revealed themselves mere minutes later from beyond the river. Moonlight cast itself across the all but still pools; a chilly gust of wind prompted him to slip in at last to warmer, comforting waters. He drew himself lazily up as he circled back to the stony ledge and sighed, resting his chin on the damp warmth that emanated from below. It would have been easy to let his guard down here but he refrained, ears working this way and that to draw in the sounds of night.

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