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ok! finally ready to throw this guy into the action! @Rose but also AW! 

He had been settling in well considering his grouchy off putting demeanor of which he only spared Heda. Armor knew he wasn't the easiest to get along with, and he accepted that, and quite frankly embraced that fact. He was a dick. But he could be useful, well he had been. He wasn't sure where his skills might take him now, but he would have to learn quickly.

Armor was quickly becoming a fan of the freshwater lake that stood at the heart of the forest. He wasn't used to still water, as Maungeda had survived off of rushing rivers. He often found time to soak his lame leg in the water to help with the swelling and the pain that came from a day of walking. Armor had a feeling he might find somewhere along here to make his den, so as to have easy access to the cooling water.

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i am not rose but :o want /// this post might be trash i'm so sorry i got so excited for dalia to meet someone new 

the lake was not the same as the ocean. dalia could not find the same glimmering treasures here as she could on the beach. but the lake was safer, mildly. the waters were calmer and here she did not have to worry about any unknown creatures. all the ones she had encountered had been kind, but portia had warned her about the mysterious creatures of the ocean that could harm her. here, in the heat of the summer, she could relax.

she spotted a man along the waters edge as she was making her way there and, quietly, she approached. her ears were pricked as she viewed the stranger, she did not appear frightened. he was within the borders, casually, and as her nose twitched she found head's scent intertwined with his. he was drageda, for sure, though dalia still had no idea who he was. gracefully, she approached the waters edge, eyeing him with a flick of her ear, and dipped her head for a quick drink, gaze not leaving him. and when she'd had her fill, regardless of if he had spoken to her or not by now, she raised her head to give him her full attention. it was the right thing to do, she thought, to become acquainted with everyone in the pack. "hello," she said to him finally, ears cupped forwards.