Fox's Glade Touch my soul with yours
June 11, 2018, 10:34 PM
Lone Wolves

Days passed as she traveled far from where she had originally entered Teekon, being new here was amazing. All the sights, sounds and smells it was all wonderful. It seemed though that many didn’t know what she was, it didn’t hurt her feelings, too much, but others looked at her weird like she didn’t belong. Elixir wondered if she’d ever find a place she could feel at home, in place with others. 

She came upon what looked like a valley that had flowers and a small stream, it was beautiful. She slowed herself to a walk and let her head fall to sniff a small wildflower. Mmm, her muscles relaxed a bit as she kept walking down to the stream. I’m the distance she could see a fox jumping through the grass, probably after some prey. Once at the stream she rolled out her tongue to pierce the top of the water, rolling back into her mouth. The water was cold and refreshing after the trek here. After just a few small sips the water stopped rippling and she seen her reflection, why am I so different?, was all that could go through her mind.
June 17, 2018, 03:15 PM
Leader I
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she burst through the underbrush after the fire-furred hunter, muzzle twisted into a snarl as she made up ground that had been lost after her delayed lunge. she normally left fellow hunter be, but with the current state of the pack, she no longer made exclusions from their dinner plate. 

fangs latched onto a hind leg and the fox whipped around. she already knew her mistake, and was not surprised when desperate fangs latched beneath her eye. the whipped the small body up, back, and her hunt ended messily as finally the creature's grip was broken and hers made. fangs tore at the creature's lifeblood, and it so did it die. 

she glanced up from her kill and made direct eye contact with - whatever that was. it surely had seen that messy hunt, but her she was more interested in what, exactly, drank from the stream before her than her own shame.

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