Ocean's Breath Plateau Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes.
All Welcome  June 12, 2018, 12:04 AM
Zig had spent most of the day walking the beach. Tonight, after somewhat of a climb, he found himself walking through soft grass instead of the sand he was accustomed to. The night was cool like the day had been, and the breeze from the ocean caressed his brown fur as he lazily walked across the plateau.

Eventually, he plopped down in the grass, rolled onto his back, and began moving his body from side to side, his legs flailing ridiculously in the air with each movement. 

He then rolled over onto his side and let out a long sigh. He stayed like that for a while, watching as the wind moved through the grass and then over his form.

Don't you tell me what you think I can be
I'm the one at the sail; I'm the master of my sea