The Sunspire but don't let me go, i got all these people
All Welcome  June 12, 2018, 08:01 PM
maybe someone she hasn't met yet?

she stalked forward through the brush, eyes wide, tail still -- the only sign of her passing the skitter of leaf-litter underfoot. the noise was was enough that her quarry, a fat summer-fed rabbit, sharply lifted its head from the carpet clover it had been grazing. its ears alert, its rounded mouth and nose twitching...

and then it froze, catching sight of two sorrel eyes peering through the thicket.

it bolted, and coelho darted after. yet the cunicular and fleet steps, the wildly zigzagging patterns, all worked in its favor and the rabbit leapt swiftly into brush and coelho was left aggitatedly pacing where she had seen it last.

“Call him Judas if you want
but he did it for reasons
much older than silver.”