Stavanger Bay eleven years, i've sacrificed
All Welcome  June 13, 2018, 03:02 PM
Dro is right at the borders!

Undersea was silent. There was no movement, no discussion; everyone kept to themselves, moving behind the scenes like poorly placed shadows. And for a growing boy, that just wouldn't do. 

The morning had been moving just as slowly as the rest. Aside from the turn of the waves, there was nothing particularly interesting to keep Droman occupied, so he'd decided to head out and search for something else. As long as he was back before sunset, he was sure that no one would mind, so the youth confidently set out past the island's borders and began to make his way down the coast. 

It wasn't long before he'd found himself another (well-marked) border, at which point he stopped to investigate, sniffing enthusiastically from a few feet away.