Arrow Lake idfc
All Welcome  June 13, 2018, 11:41 PM
Lone Wolves

@Samothes - keeping some things vaguey vague

His encounter with the wolf in the mountains hadn't been too unproductive, and Zamael went north rather than south, picking his way down the mountains with care. Over a rise, an alpine lake revealed itself, shimmering blue in an early summer sky. For all his heart had hardened over the past two years, he still had the utmost appreciation for the beauty of nature, and he took a moment to stop and stare, fiery eyes lingering on the gentle waves.

Not to be forgotten, his tongue pressed dry against his teeth, reminding him how thirsty he was. With a resigned sigh, he made his way to the shore and began to lap at the cool water when he was there, resisting the urge to submerge his entire head. Watch him do that and someone show up just in time to see him make an ass out of himself.

Actually, who fucking cares, anyway? He went a step further, stepping down into the lake and bathing in the shallows. His breath came ragged in pleasure as it cooled his body, hot from the exertion of travel, and he paddled happily around for a while, nose lifted above the surface. His time with the seawolves had made him a competent swimmer, and he ventured a bit deeper for a while before turning back, his paws resting upon the stones lining the bottom of the shallows.

Creag, they'd called him. Rock. "Because ye sink like one, lad!" He could hear their roars of laughter now, as he struggled for air, the waves shoving his body to and fro. They'd pushed him in--a sort of initiation rite, of sorts. He'd made it back ashore, glowering, and they'd given him the seal of approval--but Creag unfortunately stuck.

Still. He'd lost his heart and soul when Alarian had told him Carvel was dead. He'd take being Creag over Arnlith's wrath any day.
June 14, 2018, 10:41 AM
Swiftcurrent Creek

samothes is still coasting on high from his encounter with alarian -- an encounter he hopes will repeat, though one never knows with these things. still there is a lightness to his steps as he trails the line of the creek from the borders down to the lake, thinking of perhaps fishing or just spending the day by the lakefront.

the lake is not unoccupied: he spies someone swimming in the shallows, and watches for a moment, curious. quietly samothes draws closer, issuing a chuff one he's in earshot, and dips his own paws into the edge of the shallows, letting the refreshing water lap at his toes. "it's a nice day for a swim, hm?" the scholar says, offering a playful smile to the man.
June 14, 2018, 11:23 PM
Lone Wolves

Even though he let his mind wander blissfully while he swam, he was not totally unobservant, and the wordless greeting sent his head swiveling, lifted from the surface. A half-smile graced his features, more wry than anything, and he stepped out of the lake, water rippling out from him. Staying a distance from the figure, he gave his pelt a delicate shake, droplets flying.

His gaze landed on the other in frank fascination. He was young, around his brother's age--in fact, there was something about him that reminded him of Alarian, whether it was the trim figure or the glint in his eyes. It drew Zamael toward the young man without his volition, head tilted slightly to the side.

"Any day I'm not freezing my balls off is a good day to swim," Zamael responded, a chuckle in his voice. Having sized up the stranger and finding him to be not much of a threat, he sniffed, looking toward the lake. "But yeah. . .it is a nice day. And the lake is beautiful."

He turned his head to the other again, giving a curt nod of his muzzle. "Zamael," he introduced himself. "You?"