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Pack Activity  June 14, 2018, 07:05 PM
A small pack hunt for whoever wants to join!  I'm aiming for 2-4 additional people and the next round will start whenever we reach the cap or it's June 20th, whichever comes first.  Don't worry if you miss it, assuming this goes well I'm planning on doing more of these!  :D  It's up to individuals who join in if you want to roll for actions or just freeform it -- let's just have some fun!

The rain had tapered off as the day went on and now as the sun started its slow sweep downwards, occasionally peeking through the clouds, Quixote had gone searching to see if this would be the evening that the stars would align and they'd get something bigger than a lake bird in the cache.  Sure, it wasn't the greatest to be running around in the wet, slippery grass (as he had personally found out) but as all things in the wild, life rarely was convenient.  If an opportunity came, it should be taken.

He'd told @Raven of his plans, and that she should hopefully keep an ear out if she wanted to come take her share directly -- after all, she was the main reason he was even bothering.  Okay, sure, the pack could do with a sizable meal, but Quixote was still putting his own interests first, and that didn't bother him at all.  For now, though, he was heading through the northeastern corner of the territory, head low as he searched the scents to see if the deer had come back into their territory again.

Yes, they had.  He followed the fresh scents, the nibbled and trampled grass, up to the side of the lake.  There they were -- this was the herd that @Eljay and himself had been tracking previously -- a few does and fawns, a threatening-looking stag, and a couple of young males that hadn't gone off to find their own fortunes yet.  It was one of the latter that gained Quixote's attention -- though it was just lazily grazing along the shore, something seemed off about it.  Maybe injured?  He couldn't tell very well from his position, but instinct told him that this was what he'd been waiting for, so the alpha tipped back his head to howl.  Hopefully a few were in this part of the territory and would be willing to take it down.
June 14, 2018, 07:31 PM
Niamh was in her den, tending to Screech when Quixote called out. Her first thought was perhaps Raven had given birth- but when was she even due? Niamh had no clue how long it took to incubate pups...Butthat was simply a fleeting thought that passed through her mind when she first heard and recognized his voice- but the message was as clear as it needed to be. He was summoning others, and she licked her lips, glancing briefly at Screech who hadn't changed much since he'd woken up. Vague expressions, and he looked at her as though he wasn't sure who she was- or why she was even there. It took a toll on her- as she wondered now if perhaps he had brain damage...Maybe she'd screwed up the last few braincells he had. 

"I'll be back later. Gonna go check out what Quixote wants- I think it's a hunt. I'll bring back leftovers, if I can." She said quietly, voice somewhat flat in tone. She'd been talking to him for days now, and hadn't gotten much of a response. How much longer would he be like that? Would she be taking care of an invalid for the rest of her life? If it was anyone's responsibility, it was hers...But that didn't make it easy. She gave a lick to the top of his head and crawled through the low opening of her den, shaking her pelt briefly before she picked up a lope and headed toward the lake, where his call had come from. 

Her ears perked and she slowed when she caught sight of him, approaching carefully and quietly when she caught sight of the small herd of deer he was watching. Her eyes glanced over them...Some does had already dropped their fawns, which reminded her of the herd of elk she'd been tracking before the whole Screech-coma thing had happened. She wondered where they were now- and if she'd be able to find them again- but at least a herd of deer had chosen to pass through. 

She moved quietly to Quixote's side and lay down on the ground to keep her profile low. She licked her lips again and kept her gaze on the herd, so she too could assess them- their strengths and weaknesses- as they waited for more to come.
June 14, 2018, 08:09 PM
As soon as Colt heard the call, he too was quick on the jump... he was always up for a hunt, after all, and it had been a while since he and Quixote had hung out.  He was somewhat surprised, when he arrived, to see Niamh there.  Guess Screech's situation didn't get her a pass, or maybe she was glad to leave.  For Colt it woulda been the latter.  He wasn't the caretaker type.

Soon as he assessed the scene, he slunk down as well, and cast a glance at his friend(s?). So, what was the call? He'd be there for backup and to do his part, but he'd not done enough pack hunting to be a whole lot of use on the strategy part.

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The rain earlier in the day had put a damper on Elwood's plans, so when he heard Quixote's howl, he set out to meet the Alpha. He still wasn't used to doing nothing, even in his retirement, so he was glad to have the opportunity to do something useful, even as dusk was falling. He made his way toward the lake, and was rewarded with a small gathering of his packmates and a group of deer a short distance away.

He glanced at Colt with a smile, remembering the last pack hunt that the two of them had participated in (the shit show that had been his children's first organized hunt), then greeted Quixote and Niamh with a quiet chuff and a respectful dip of his chin towards the Alpha male. His gaze then shifted to the quarry as he awaited further instruction.