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@perhaps @Nunataq &/or @Marten? :D set for tomorrow morning

        there were two children not born to redleaf women. mona was not yet aware of the tale there, but it mattered little to the red slyph. dawnlight found her in a patrol, after which she frisked droplets of water from her coat following a bath; up into warmer shafts of light she traveled until the gathered scents she did not yet know greeted her.
        they were xan's children, as were laurel's own — mona yipped encouragingly and settled across her belly in a clearing, wondering if the pair would come to her, or if they would remain reticent due to her newness.
July 01, 2018, 04:53 PM
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it's been so long <3

but of course, it was marten who answered. perhaps his rambunctious sister was somewhere in tow, but obedient little tubby marten was anywhere he was asked to be-- and typically without any fuss. and while his sister was typically far more loud, marten was still extroverted in the sense that he loved to meet new wolves-- loved to be around wolves.

when he heard the inviting yip the child was straight out the den and on the move. he spotted mona with great excitement and curiosity. "mama," he announced as he approached, not the slightest bit fearful. she looked so inviting, lounging out as she was. and her coat, as his single word suggested, was just as fire-red as indra's. of course, this one word didn't fully explain that. he paused a little ways off, stretching his neck to sniff at her curiously, before toddling the rest of the distance and plopping himself down right before her. "not mama--" he clarified, wanting to tell her that he was in fact smart enough to tell the difference! "--but like mama." his head tilted to one side. "who you?"
July 06, 2018, 11:47 AM
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!!! <3 i know!

        mona was pleased when a small boy fearlessly approached her, round and sporting a pair of strikingly mismatched eyes. her eyes drank in the sight of his soft pale fur; when he settled near, mona drew his baby scent and found herself charmed by the sudden idea that one day she too would have a child. or more than one. 
        however, these thoughts brought her to mind of nathaniel — it was a place she did not wish to go. and so the mayfair pulled back her mind from those perusals, sweeping her tail across the ground with delight that the boy had called her mama. "i'm mona," she answered lightly. suspecting it was indra of whom the little one spoke, the druid-child added, "i'm your mama's friend. what's your name?" her murkwater eyes veritably glowed as she continued to speak; a smile that had no restraint broke out in a dazzle across her mouth.