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All Welcome  July 02, 2018, 09:26 PM
Though she was rarely without them nearby, this moment in time saw it that way. But, as she always would, she sensed one of her counterparts nearby; it was her seventh sense, a far more comforting feeling than the prickling unease one felt through their sixth. Hydra could have done many things to throw her mirror images off of her own path in particular, but the head of the beast would not do so this hour; she would permit her left hand to know who it was that came for her, should she be wise to it. She did not bother to mute her steps; there would be little point when it came to Lyra and Alya. 

Her strides were long as she ascended, and her muscles coiled as she now began to make her way down with a spring, tail held loftily above her hindquarters. In her peripheral she sensed @Alya, and the air was electric as her pace quickened. Their brand of tag was not without its danger, and it was this very game that caused Liffey to lose sleep at night. It was easy for them to forget that not everyone grew up upon this mountain when they only ever played it with wolves that had. 

Hydra caught sight of Lyra, then, and she heard Alya's cackle; a terrible grin split her own features as she made to bridge the gap that was left remaining between them.

I'll find that you'll find that I'm lethal
July 18, 2018, 01:21 AM
Having returned from the heights she could only reach in summertime's longest days, she was winding a route down to eventually rally her youngest litter, or any of her family really (she wasn't feeling picky--) to her side for the eve. There was no rush in her steps quite this soon, however; she trusted those she would seek to be around when she got to it.  In the meantime, on her own, she took in the sights, the sounds, and innately with her every fiber, enjoyed the sensation of life, thriving, here beneath her, all around, and in her heart and soul. She went as she pleased, content, undisturbed, and found the winds that spoke with a hint of her eldest progeny before all else.

Amekaze eased up her pace, slowing down and keying in when she realized this. She was not upon them yet. Close, though, and knowing their ilk, bound to get closer if she went on. Maybe even without it, but she remained very much at ease with this notion, terrain and ferocity looming in mind as shadows streaked over the mountainside near. This was all she could want, and to her, it simply said home.

Fresh off the loftiest elevations, she was feeling exceptionally peaceful by her standard, but time and circumstance had her gradually cuing in to something far more keen. She was just slow to fire today, it seemed, as a hint of a smirk curled her expression before she slid to motion once more--this time looking for the most subtlest of pursuits while she went gradually, carefully closer.
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