Bitterroot Valley I’m awake, let me be.
All Welcome  July 03, 2018, 10:09 PM
Northstar Vale
all welcome, dated before her thread in Sunspire, this is her traveling there. If you’d like to have an interesting interaction she’s your gal!

Elixir had been traveling for a while, she never kept a count, not that she could anyway but it was a long time. Her feet were throbbing and so she thought about taking a break but soon night would fall again and she wouldn’t be in the mountains, where she could see what makes her light up.... the night sky a bit closer than ever before. This is a gift to herself for surviving the wilds a little less than a month or two... what a prize for such a small time.

She neared a small valley, it seemed like a perfect place for a rest. Elixir scanned the area as close as she could and selected an area to bed down. As her body moved the grass and filleted upon the earth she let out a relieved sigh. The cool ground left her feeling like she was exhausted, maybe a nap was for the best. Her glassy red eyes shut as she rested, still listening to everything around her.