Dragoncrest Cliffs Freedom can numb you, when there's no place to run to.
All Welcome  July 04, 2018, 02:52 PM
"Urf!" Dacio barked from within the family's hollow, having roused last from naptime to find it void not only of siblings - but parents too! He looked around, blinking sleep from his stormy blue eyes as he gathered onto wobbly over-sized paws to toddle toward the cave's entrance in search of his den-mates.

Summer sunshine caused the boy to squint, and he felt his initial anxiety disappear with the welcome sight of his eldest sister. Fuzzy tail springing to life, it lashed the air at his rear as he whimpered happily, stepping boldly from the threshold of Portia's den and into the daylight. Wth a twitch of an ear he noted with comfort the sound of his mother's voice from nearby and, figuring she might have ventured further between the trees with Sequoia and Opalia, little Dacio was glad to spend time in the company of @Dalia.

Inviting himself into her personal space, the ashen youngster pawed his pallid baby-sitter's flank in a clear desire for attention.