Blackfeather Woods and sleep as i in childhood sweetly slept,
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Blackfeather Woods
WEEPING MEADOW @Damien, whenever you have a chance

        the willow.
        redgrove formed a safe and well traversed place wherein shivali had also brought her young. and while relmyna had withdrawn since her time at the berry-place, averna and astara were old enough to be left in the company of their packmates. she must return now to the studies she had postponed during the early days of her daughters' lives.
        whatever dried and eerie plantlife cicero had left behind was now in the woman's possession; she had marked his densite as his own and knew she needed no tongue to defend it. whosoever would challenge her claim was a fool, for those in blackfeather aware of who she was knew what she had been to both the melonii and sheogorath..
        the rock of tongue was carried in her mute jaws to the place relmyna had before not trusted herself to visit. and now she stood before its twisted bole, watching silently as the wisped leaves moved gently against the earth, brushing one another. lowering her haunches to the earth, she set down the stone and placed it beneath one paw; her breathing steadied and she tasted the bitterness of things to come. 
        it was not long before she was lifted in dizziness and nausea; surprised at the swiftness of her malady, relmyna sank to the earth, curling close to her connection with those who spoke, those who could speak, and retching out the remainder of her breakfast into the grasses. all worthwhile, all necessary; she must be brought to bow before the foot of the mother.

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Blackfeather Woods
OMG EB! IDK why I thought she was killing herself for a moment and teared up a little T.T

Just out of pure curiosity Damien veered off from the borders once he reached the western edge to find his way towards the Weeping Willow. Cicero, as Damien remembered, would spend entire days within the spores' reach without apparent purpose, and though Damien feared that the effects of the poison would one day take a toll on his brother there was no might capable of dissuading the patchwork spider.

He went hoping to find a trace of him. A mark, a hidden message, perhaps even Cicero himself just dosing off under the willow's poisonous shade, but instead he found the consort he left behind. From Damien's point of view Relmyna was in danger. She was vulnerable to the effects of the mysterious tree, closer to death with every second she spent within the clearing. She could not be spared, Relmyna had not only the responsibility of bringing up Cicero's daughters, but she was also already part of the Melonii clan, and thus, part of Damien's family. But the dark prince had his reservations about ever nearing the tree again. He went as far as to walk across the treeline that surround the willow's reach, and even from that distance Damien could smell the faint bitter ether emanating from the tree, blurring his vision. From there he barked at the mute hoping that she still had a grip on reality strong enough to determine his presence and hopefully give him some sort of signal. What was she hoping to achieve?

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Blackfeather Woods
sorry! D: <3 <3 <3

        a ridge. a black wolf.
        she breathed —
        snowfallen, stone ground.
        she breathed —
        a cry, the immolation of stars in her flesh
        breath —
        slowly the pale girl hidden in the recesses of the mute stirred, uncoiled, peered sharply up, and relmyna beheld the fractured turquoise of her inner self's stare
        breath —
        he said he would kill them
        flight. terich.
        a horror was beginning to grow in her chest, a burgeoning mass that clipped her teeth together with savage snappings, writhed her body against the earth
        agony. the metallic scent of her own blood; the sensation of dismemberment.
        her failure compounded in the lifeless bodies of her children//you were willing to trade them to taggarik for the price of your own soul
        that was not forgotten
        a sob, an intake; a strangled cry at the clenching of a belly that had nothing left to spew into the dirt —
        vuk. take your name.
        "t ... ch."
        breath breath breath vuk seff terich vuk seff terich vuk vuk vuk
        you killed him
        you killed him.
        you killed him.
        "r...w .. ch. t ..."
sobbing, drawing more of the poison within herself, the brush of willowbranch against earth.
        get up//i killed him//get up now, vuk
        weak, gaze murky — a cry in the gloom. " 'ih...c'ro." 
        he is dead — you know it to be true
        and then a screaming such as relmyna had never before uttered, the one syllable of the dark brother's name she was able to pronounce —
        "AME! AME! AME! AME!"
        the woman did not stop until her voice broke into wretched coughing that cut her throat with thorns.

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Blackfeather Woods
I just love everything you write
Plenty of PP but I figured it was necessary. I can edit stuff if you want <3

The air was poisoned, he'd felt it already. The memories of his childhood around this tree were no good, they were of violence and hatred, of fear and revenge, which is why Damien had always tried to avoid the place as much as possible. But today it seemed he had no choice. Relmyna was hexed. The tree wasn't only poisonous, it was enchanted with the darkest magic making wolves see and hear things that were not from this plane.

He had never heard her muster a single word, yet in the distance Damien could hear Relmyna's cries and gibberish, struggling to grasp on reality. It made him anxious, but Damien couldn't yet overcome his fear of the tree. He barked at her, loudly and repeatedly, building up nerve until suddenly Relmyna started screaming his name.

Adrenaline kicks in.

Damien took a deep breath, the way his brother had taught him long ago, and rushed to aid the lost soul. Her voice broke down to nothing, she wasn't in there anymore, so Damien grabbed her tightly by the scruff, feeling her blood flow in his mouth, and dragged her away from the tree. He could only hold his breath for so long, and by the time he managed to pull her out of the clearing he had already breathed in quite a huge amount of infected air.

Deep back inside the forest Damien dropped Relmyna's body on the ground and stepped away to cough his lungs out. The dizziness kept growing stronger, but he still held on to this world. His breathing was troubled, but he could still see what was in front of him. Relmyna! he called, checking her breathing. She was alive.