Blackfeather Woods tâkkua ilimanaitut
Private  July 09, 2018, 11:19 AM
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Since @Takiyok and @Tomkin’s return, Shivali has been quite. They have plans to leave when the children are old enough, but she worries that’s too late. It feels weird living within the Woods and though they don’t use much of their resource when they can get away with it on their own, it doesn’t feel right to still linger. No one comes to visit, as if they aren’t even here, and she doesn’t complain but one day soon they might. They’ll want to meet the children, she’s sure, but to her surprise they keep away. She longs to be with her younger brother, deciding it would be a waste of time for him to join and he promises to linger outside the borders until they’re ready.
Her restless heart aches looking down upon her three sleeping children, growing bigger by the day. They can walk short distances and still be carried—why isn’t it now that’s perfect? Apprehension has long since settled in and she sighs, lowering her head to her paws and waiting as the days tick on.

i opened my mouth in the night and the night poured in
the night fit against the ridges behind my teeth
the night packed itself under my tongue and settled in, as if to sleep
July 15, 2018, 07:43 PM
rabbit in her jaws, Tahani padded through the grove, smiling when she saw her sister awake, gazing at the slumbering pups. she placed the kill by Shivali's paws, licking her chops and settling down next to her, looking lovingly at her nieces and nephews. "eat," she said softly, less a command and more a conversation-starter, eyes soft.

"how are you?" she asked, glancing back up at Shivali. her littermate looked a little troubled, and had for a while. ever since Taki had returned, they all had been restless, eager to reunite with Tomkin--and itching to explore the glacier they'd heard so much about. Tahani was eager to make it their home, but they must wait for the children to grow. and the waiting was excruciating.

perhaps that was what was on Shivali's mind now. she hoped, anyway--anything more serious would be cause for concern, and her heartbeat quickened, a small flutter of alarm in her stomach.

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