Dragoncrest Cliffs High and dry
All Welcome  July 10, 2018, 02:37 PM
On the way back from her interruption of mother-daughter bonding time, Kiwi was bound and determined now that she hadn't wanted to play anyway, so yeah, she did actually want to return.  But because this wasn't the case at all, she ended up sulking away from her brothers and stodgily ignoring her mother when they finally did return.  She accepted the gift from @Bat with a somewhat less enthusiastic, but heartfelt, tackle hug.  But then went right back to ignoring Wildfire.

Since they were allowed to roam more, this wasn't as hard to do.  Right now it consisted of watching a robin hopping about, her little blue-green eyes transfixed on it as it bobbed and pecked for food.  Slowly she crept forward, on her belly, wondering if maybe she could catch it.  That'd show them that she was special enough to hang out! Or just... y'know.  Be fun anyway.

Unless otherwise specified, Kiwi speaks primarily Trigedasleng among pack and family.
When distinction is needed, bold italics will be used.