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All Welcome  July 11, 2018, 12:54 AM
It had been a long, hot, muggy day and by late afternoon when his own patrol of south of the forests finished up, he was struck with an urge to track down his littermate. He hadn't crossed paths with her immediately lately, after all. Their timing had just been off, he cited, plus they were both busy with their own sorts of happenings these days that only really overlapped at the heart of their home. If he saw her most times, it was with the rest of their family--not alone, and not for very long. He was usually off to his own things lately, patrolling or hunting or helping corral his little biter siblings; maybe he had just started to miss just @Vela a teeny tiny bit despite them never being exceptionally close. It was something unspoken that he didn't want to see them grow apart from.

The trails were not getting any warmer but he was, and he sluggishly plodded along panting towards a nearby creek to go hunt frogs if all else was going to fail. At least he'd enjoy a nice treat on a humid summer eve when he wasn't going to get his hopes up about his sibling just yet.. not when he didn't look like he was covering much ground in actual useful pursuit anyway.

And at least it was getting late. Soon it would cool down and he wanted to be ready to keep going once it did.

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July 17, 2018, 04:04 AM
Vela was quite self-centered these last few weeks. She tried to hang out more with Drogon and work on her mercenary skills. She had also dusted out the cave she found with her father. She had not been there in a long time and it remembered her how close she had been, how attached. She was doing much better but she felt she would always stay a daddy's girl.

Since the evening was so hot Vela had been lounging in the stream. She thought a 'spa night' was something she deserved. The speckled female perked up her ears when she heard something. She sat up and then let out a bark as she couldn't see the one that was approaching, just to tell them that she was around as well.