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Blackfeather Woods

It was darker in the woods and Moonshadow felt the lighting better on her vision. Her departure to find the young one was a sight, she had been next to many packs, it was a long journey almost as long as her and her brothers journey to get here. She smiled as she thought of her brother, she wondered if he was okay. She hoped to one day meet with him as she walked the borders.
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Blackfeather Woods
do you want to do one of the quests, or have a thread theme in mind (do you need any threads for trades and the like?)

as the dark girl got older, so her interests outside of the den grew. her dam tried hard to keep her wayward daughter contained, and her efforts were well within the realm of valiant; yet between averna and astara, often found their slippery natures meant their escapes were fleet, and calculated.

jauntily trotting along a root-studded path after giving her poor mother the slip, astara looked up to find a dark wolf she was not sure she knew. she slowed to a stop and stood, peering with two very untimid, and unabashed lavender eyes.

brother, sister too - do what you must do,
don't trust people you meet
they may promise you that the river ain't too deep.