Ocean's Breath Plateau seized from the depths
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Lone Wolves

Perhaps against his better judgements, he risked skirting out towards the coast. It had been difficult to ignore that pull towards the sea once he realized how close the weald nestled near; it seemed a suitable negotiation that he would expand his ranging that way while fulfilling his own desires. He had skirted by the plateau in his northern trek with Hydra many months ago, but now he had set to climbing the weathered stone and the trees and their roots that clung tightly to the questionable paths, all on the promise of a salty kiss of air from on high.

It was a reward he got shortly before he crested the edge and the view that greeted him gave him much to lay eyes on. The ocean was still more than a stone's throw away, but he could pick out a thin band where grassy plains met seaside, and where the thinnest of blue gave way to rolling tides. He drew in the salty air—he could taste it, he thought—before moving along the plateau to see what else it could offer. This was a relatively unexplored place by him, a marker that rose along the horizon from the edges of the weald, a place that had taken enough time to get to that he was certain nightfall would meet him before he began his descent.

It was with that in mind that made him take his time, his gaze long abandoning the sprawl of the sea for the sway of windswept grasses that devoured him. He'd be sure to hide this venture from @Nyx, if only for the concern the scent of sea salt would invoke memories she had seemed to keep under lock and key now. But until then, he would wander in this coastal wilderness, unquestionably searching for a hidden gem, whatever it may be.

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July 17, 2018, 12:46 AM
Lone Wolves

A large portion of Bethlehem's life had been spent in company with the sea. It had reached a point now that a day without its sound and salty ambiance was a memorable one, and she was loathe to miss the rushing vocals of moving water whenever her travels turned her too far inland. She did recall a time before the coast, and though this was by no means an unpleasant recollection, she could not remember holding a torch for all the forests and the plains and the mountains of the earth as she did for the might she saw in the open sea. Her only sense of reverence was reserved for the one kingdom she knew she could never claim -- the unconquerable realm of Poseidon -- and she did not think she could ever love anything that didn't at least compare it.

A keening colony of seagulls disturbed the monolith's pondering bask. With a ruffle of dirtied fur, she lifted her head from the cross of her forepaws, and turned dark eyes untoward the windswept progression of another wolf as he examined the plane. Though generally uninterested in his purpose here, Bethlehem was not so arrogant as to continue lying prone in the presence of another predator. She pushed herself up into a neat, watchful sit, presenting herself in a manner than suggested she wanted to keep him in her sights while also pretending not to be truly concerned with him.

To put emphasis on the latter, the great white she-wolf yawned to make sure he knew she wasn't actually worried.
July 19, 2018, 03:43 AM
Lone Wolves

His venture inward was not rewarded immediately, though what he had hoped to see and find was negotiable at best. It would have been nice to find willing followers to his ambitious cause, but admittedly Dirge was a creature just as apt to pass by company as he was to tolerate it. Even now the days with contact beyond Nyx were easily counted, yet he made his progress forward all the same. He could provide for the both of them for now, and the pieces would fall where they may; surely if he were willing and patient enough the rest would come together eventually.

As he ranged along, he debated what the forthcoming days would bring, wondering if perhaps he would encounter Hydra again, or perhaps Ceara; the likelihood that either would abandon their post and mantle seemed farfetched as the possibility that his wanderings today would be interrupted—yet they were, in a brilliant flash of white to rise above tall waves of green grass and drying reeds, however nonchalant they were.

His attention snapped to her instantly, a cautious pause of interest noted.

A long yawn split her features cleanly, as though he were means to have disrupted her daytime napping. Or maybe they were of the more boring sort, as if finally someone had happened along to garner her interest or raise alarm to whatever thoughts were mounting steadily. She looked as though the wilderness had claimed her in the way it claimed him, and that was an intriguing note that lodged itself in the knavish footfalls that sought to draw him nearer. His tail flagged high but waved; no harm, no foul, just marked surprise that he had not been alone after all. Dirge sensed nothing that would suggest misfortune, but then again even he had been surprised at the last moment—he would take his chances.

"Seems you've found a prime place for a nap," or an ambush.

thank you for joining. bethlehem seems interesting! ♡
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Lone Wolves

Bethlehem's reaction to the strange male's direct approach could only be described as haughty. 

Her dark eyes narrowed, and bleached ears curved backward, lending the muddied war maven a devilish profile. With feral frigidness, she received him— her mouth closed and her opinion soundless. It was perhaps the lack of a sound that persuaded her company she would not rebuke his charm. He was quite a handsome feature— certainly the most interesting thing here among these wind-combed grasses and bunny slopes— but Bethlehem wasn't to be swayed by appearances alone.

Not if I had wanted that nap to remain undisturbed, she returned unkindly; her voice low, and coiling, and warm. In her tone was the ghost of an invite— a dare— curled along her lip, but a slip of her slim longfang begged him to refuse her or at the very least acknowledge that he was not worthy. Because she was not easy company, and to remain by her was to subject oneself to a stream of unpredictable action; to a wolf who accepted few boundaries and thrived with hearty glee on all seven of the deadly sins.

This place is actually starting to seem more suited for a trap, she mused and addressed his conspicuous solitude with suspicion. Still, Bethlehem did not relieve the agouti stag of her swallowing stare.

I'm hoping she could be an asset to Wyrmwood if her "I'm-better-than-you" attitude doesn't chase him off first lol