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All Welcome  July 11, 2018, 05:15 PM
With eyes finally open, the world was definitely a strange place. Granted, her vision was far from wonderful but it was a far cry from a couple of days past. But one could speculate this hardly bothered her, as she had picked up another skill with it—walking.

Truthfully, calling it walking was a far cry too.

Staggering with the might of a determined drunk, Phoebe had learned already that it was not enjoyable to step on others or get stepped on, and had smartly decided to work on her toddling just an arm's length away from the den wall opposite the motley crew composed of her siblings.

She veered wildly one way and then another, all with proud raucous (that sounded more confused) calls. How exciting! How adventurous! Her feet had quite a mind all their own and were unable to agree with saunter to or fro was better than the other; she stumbled and skipped without meaning to, even kissed the crown of her head to the floor an uncountable number of times in such a short span that it was exhausting.

At one such point, it was her final—within just a few minutes she had bored of (read: helplessly unable at) trying to figure out how to steer herself back towards @Raven and her siblings. She rolled in the dust and dirt and grit once, then twice, and pressed her feet against the cool earth of the den wall she had come so close to crashing into. She heaved a dramatic sigh, and whined helplessly; this view sucked and like a package from IKEA, the pictures of this instruction sheet weren't totally helping and obviously some screws were misplaced. Maybe a whole component was absent.

Someone call customer support.
July 14, 2018, 10:19 AM
@Finley and Elwood had decided to pay the Redhawks' newest members a visit. They trekked from their own rendezvous site to the den occupied by the Alphas and their puppies, and after gaining permission from @Raven, they settled down to play with the babies for a little while. "Were our kids ever this small?" Fin asked, and Elwood, on his belly next to her, chuckled and shook his head in disbelief.

They carefully lay in the mouth of the den, so as not to crowd the little family inside, and they watched as one puppy in particular careened around like a drunken sailor. Of course, she wasn't really that far from her mother and siblings, but to such a small creature, it must have seemed like she had traveled miles. After a few seconds, she toppled over and seemed to have gotten herself stuck, and gave a plaintive cry for help.

Elwood shifted slightly, inching forward far enough to touch the dark-coated babe with his nose. He nudged her gently, with just enough force to hopefully propel her back onto her feet.
July 24, 2018, 11:37 AM
In her mewling despair, she did not quite have the awareness available to realize just how easy her situation was to fix. There was the shuffle of steps close by, followed by the righting and gentle nudge to guide her back the way she had came, and off she stumbled again. With a little bit more grace this time.

Lumbering towards her mother, Phoebe crossed the halfway point before stopping and deciding to risk a glance back—who was that? Her brow furrowed ever so slightly as she surveyed him; what features she could acquaint herself with were sketchy at best, but there was something out of place... the colors weren't right. Definitely not her father, she would understand later, but for now it gave her reason to start up again and finish out the task of bedding down against her mother and siblings.

But she kept a steady watch once she was safely there.

was kinda hoping the others would jump in but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
July 26, 2018, 01:40 PM
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        Phoebe’s jostling as she came back to bed awoke Kite, who was as late to the party as she always was. She popped up like a meerkat from its burrow, one pale head amongst a dark sea, and did her best to scrabble free. Her wriggles triggered a rumbling in Vasa’s stomach that she recognized by now as a signal to get the hell out of Dodge, and fast — her paddling took on a frenzied quality as she scrabbled up and out of the knot of siblings and tumbled free, rolling once before flopping on her side a few feet away from Elwood and Finley. It appeared she’d made it out just in time.


        The warning rumble erupted into a thundering from down under, a breeze above the knees, courtesy of Volcano Vasa, Gas Cloud Extraordinaire. Kite was free of it for now, but she knew nobody was safe. As Vasa grew, so too did her forte for flatulence.

        She began moving again, her blurry eyes focusing blearily on the new visitors, tipping her head back to regard each unfamiliar face. They were both too pale to be her parents — Kite didn’t know what she looked like, but she assumed she was dark like Phoebe and Vasa — but the fledgling had only had good experiences with the den’s visitors and saw no reason to be wary. Trembling and jittering wildly as she went, she moved fearlessly toward Finley and Elwood, her head wobbling upon its axis as she tipped it back to stare up at them with an awestruck air. “Bee!” she squeaked at them, experimentally, and then bayed like a little hound dog: “bee! bee-roo-roo-rooooo!”
July 30, 2018, 01:13 PM
*smooshes puppies* <3

He successfully managed to assist Phoebe to her feet, and he watched, with a pleased expression, as she toddled back towards Raven and her siblings. His brows lifted when she stopped halfway there and carefully turned to study her visitors carefully. Finley, of course, couldn't help but stick her tongue out playfully at the pup, and Elwood chuckled and elbowed her as Phoebe flopped down with the other little Redhawks.

Simultaneously, another pup stirred, this one lighter in color as she thrust her head up from the dogpile. She began to move towards the Blackthorns quickly and jerkily, and just as she untangled herself from the group, there was the distinct sound of a fart. It was loud enough that Elwood glanced at Raven, thinking that it couldn't have come from a puppy, but the new mother shrugged and gestured towards the culprit. Despite their retired status, Elwood and Finley dissolved into immature laughter, even as Kite began wobbling her way towards them.

When his giggles subsided, Elwood leaned forward to greet the pale puppy. She emitted quite an impressive little howl, and Elwood said, "Well, hello to you, too!" as Finley imitated the sound with an aroo of her own.

For as long as the puppies stayed awake, Elwood and Finley played with them. Once they started to show signs of growing sleepy, they departed and returned to the rendezvous site.