Swiftcurrent Creek May all that has been reduced to noise in you, become music again.
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Swiftcurrent Creek
For @Constantine, other tags for reference.  :)

With the pups just shy of their third month, Durnehviir was beginning to feel a little more confident in leaving them unattended at the densite for short periods of time. Sometimes they'd follow her, though her acceptance of this had proven they were less likely to do so - after all, where was the fun in acting on something that was allowed? She mostly trusted the three boys and her greatest concern was always @Talos who, much to her disapproval, used every opportunity to tear away unnoticed.

Relief slackened her slim shoulders upon her return, a fresh hare dangling from her jaws, as she counted all four of her babes present beyond around the hollow. The cubs rallied to her then, excited yips and wagging tails enough to cause the gentle sway of her own plume. She settled the prey at her paws, side-stepping @Akavir who dove in for his share. Durnehviir smiled down at her littlest son, pity in her soft gaze that he was yet to physically catch up to his litter-mates.

She settled nearby, outstretching her forelimbs to rest as she observed her ravenous young. Although their numbers had thinned over the weeks, Durnehviir was not overly concerned. Her offspring were thriving and would soon begin learning how to contribute themselves, shaping four able hunters to pad the adult ranks when they came of age. There were three other children born to Swiftcurrent to raise as such - four if she were to include their nameless young ward, who seemed to have recently found his feet again and taken to wandering. He always returned though, thankfully, likely knowing that he would be taken care of.

Durnehviir exhaled gently, contentment seeping into her bones, and her thoughts turned to the whereabouts of @Constantine. He'd been gone most of the day and, as evening crept over their territory, she hoped he would not be gone long into the night. The russet Frostfur did not worry though, for she could always rely on her swarthy mate to come home.

everything mortal fades away in time, but the spirit remains