Northstar Vale Repeat
All Welcome  August 12, 2018, 12:35 AM
Set a few days after the NSV thread.  Making the assumption nothing crazy happens.

Treason was pretty sure that by this point the Pack of Fools had probably moved on -- she was giving them extra time because she really doubted that they were going to be prompt since they didn't strike her as particularly logical.  Hell, the more she thought about it, the more the things they said grated on her nerves -- the disrespect they showed towards the fact she was doing her job as a guardian, that they thought she was lying when she had done nothing but tell the truth, that they apparently thought they deserved the respect from anyone they came across like haughty aristocrats deserving the guillotine.  

This was the third time now she was trying to check out the bear situation and since the previous two had been so rudely interrupted first by a different bear and then by the Fools, so maybe this time she could get some answers... Or at least maybe pick up something to eat along the way.  She'd already come across the area where she'd seen Borya and reminded herself of that bear's scent before continuing on into the depths of the vale, searching for a different track along the way.

Treason is often not a nice person and will think mean things without acting on them.
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