Greatwater Lake If you have to ask
All Welcome  August 12, 2018, 12:54 AM
Time to go raid another unoccupied area for something delicious.  The shortage of food had given her an excuse to actually leave the territory.  Probably a good thing, given how many questions she'd come up with -- a few had been partially stifled, but there were a few that still burned, awaiting their proper answers -- as it gave her time to think.  One day, things would be not so up-in-the-air and that would be nice, but for now things were just annoying.

Solitude was the other thing that these trips gave her, at least most of the time.  There were still quite a few too many weak-willed sorts in the pack for her tastes and this meant she didn't have to run across them... Theoretically.  Maybe at some point she'd have to think of what to do if the situation didn't change.  Treason, after all, wasn't going to walk on eggshells for anyone and she wasn't going to stick around if one of them turned out to expect it.  Everyone saw how well that turned out when the Fools wandered into the vale, and that was pretty tame, all things considered.

Either way, she reached the lake's edge when the day was still young, drinking from the water before she started to investigate for prey.  Fish maybe if they came close enough to shore or she wandered to one of the connecting rivers.  If not, there was always the surrounding forest, which seemed lively enough.  Options.  Options were good.  The question was what would make itself available.

Treason is often not a nice person and will think mean things without acting on them.
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