Whitefish River if the men find out we can shapeshift, they’re going to tell the church
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Lone Wolves

This is at the river above the plateau. @Saarthal and @Max, time to move!

After searching the entire plateau for Varinril’s scent, and some neighboring areas, Mallaidh comes to the realization that it’s gone entirely. There’s no sign of scuffle or a single trace that might lead her to think otherwise. The girl was never that far from her to begin with and her absence cut deep. How long can they wait here, anyway? They were never meant to be in the same place for long and the only other downfall is Blixen knows where she is. She hadn’t been ready at the time to see her and she surely isn’t now, too hurt to face anyone—even Saarthal. 

Which is another story entirely. To find out the girl she might like, that confessed to liking her, doesn’t like Mallaidh at all. But they’ve bonded as a group and she can’t leave her behind. 

Mallaidh stares at the ground for a long moment before glancing up at the plateau, uncertain she wants to return. With Varinril gone, it’s just the three of them—until one of them decide to leave too, she supposes—but for now they’re together and she’ll move on with them if they want to go too. Slowly, she points her nose to the sky and calls for her friends.

i'd give anything to hear you say it one more time
that the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes
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Lone Wolves

        mallaidh's voice was soothingly familiar as it rang through the air and saarthal, who'd been brooding by the river side - a distance away from their de facto leader- a habit obtained from recent days, gazed upwards with cloudy eyes. it took a moment for the sound to register but when it finally wormed its way into her mind, saarth leapt up to her paws, took one last look around as if to see if anyone was following her and with a flick of her ear, began jogging to where mallaidh was.

        it didn't take long for saarthal to arrive and by then, the fog cleared from the quiet fire of her gaze. "mallaidh!" the yearling called, her mouth quirking into a easy grin as she closed the distance between them. she aimed a kiss for mallaidh's cheek with a breathless "hey" as was customary for her to those who'd luckily, or perhaps not so, gained saarthal's affection, sliding perhaps too easily into the other's personal space. she was just...glad to see her. vari's absence had taken the most toll on mallaidh, after all.