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Bearclaw Valley
along a short length of bearclaw's inner eastern wall, stigmata paced anxiously back and forth; a scowl burned across his features like treadmarks. above him, half tucked into a broad scar on the cliffside, was the nest of a particularly large golden eagle he wished to dispatch. but at over sixty feet in the air -- and dealing with a bird of prey that rested through seventy percent or more of the day -- the wolf was out of luck. unless he could catch it in one of those rare moments it was on or low to the ground, which would take equal parts dedication and luck, this was a fellow predator he'd simply have to live with.

and as he didn't feel very much inclined to spend another sunny day stalking a gliding dot in the sky to its impenetrable perch, stigmata was quick to accept this bird's near-irrevocable residency as fact. he could only hope that the pups he'd yet to personally encounter were too big and/or too much of a hassle for the aquila to target.

August 12, 2018, 07:26 PM
Bearclaw Valley

Lucas was working on his moonwalk when he found himself approaching Bearclaw Valley's high walls. The grass was the perfect amount of wetness from a late night rain storm for his paw pads to slide right over it and he was making good progress on his form and technique. There was still a lot of awkward hitching as he figured out which paws to move and when, but he was able to make his way across the field, at least until the shadow of the wall fell across him and prompted him to turn around.

The salt and pepper wolf pacing there caught his eye immediately, but extroverted as ever, Lucas hardly missed a beat before he trotted in Stigmata's direction. Any wolf in the valley was surely a friend of his aunt's or his mama's, so he approached without fear or hesitation, drawing up to an appropriate distance before asking, with a wide grin stretching his bulbous cheeks, "whatcha doin'?" For now, the nest overhead went unnoticed; life happened on the ground for burly little Lucas and he rarely had cause to look up.

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