Bearclaw Valley woodland spirit
All Welcome  August 12, 2018, 10:45 AM
Bearclaw Valley
stigmata continued on in his restless daze, having recently alternated from dedicating his vigilance to their nearest surroundings to a relentless scouring his homefront and its own weaknesses. this he had tried to avoid for as long as possible, but as patient as the hunter could be, some things simply required a more heavy-handed approach... he had to remind himself that everything would happen in due time; it was the only thing keeping him at bay -- keeping him busy.

catching something weaker and taking its life satisfied him more than traveling his spirit away. killing, and having that act be one in the same as providing, was almost more than a reward for stigmata: a hypercarnivore through and through. for he was always hunting; even in his sleep he hunted for something more, something unobtainable, something godlike. he was hunting now, in his own way, crouched at the bed of a thin creek, tongue dipping repetitively as he peered about himself stringently.

August 12, 2018, 12:50 PM
Bearclaw Valley
Slowly and gradually Nunataq began to leave her childhood behind and take the first steps towards adult-hood. She still enjoyed spending most of her days romping around with the other cubs or playing on her own, but the interest in doings of adults had been planted the day she and her father had faced the two strangers. Therefore now and then she would cut away from playing and try to follow any of the adults around to see, what were they doing, and learn.

On this particular occasion she had been on following a trail left by Xan, in hopes to find him and do some guarding that particularly appealed to her. But she had got lost and confused at some point, and therefore seeing another adult from their group, was a welcome escape from solving the complex problem of disappearance at hand. She approached him in a friendly and polite manner. After all he was a lot taller than her and Laurel had taught that adults had to be respected. Therefore she did, but it was evident that the immense curiousity about this unknown person was battling heavy with the self-restraint.

Within few feet of Stigmata, the girl sat down and with her head tilted to one side, she regarded him with keen interest.