Noctisardor Bypass sheep stuff [M]
All Welcome  August 12, 2018, 11:23 AM
Lone Wolves

There was not as much cover along the walls of the bypass as there had been in the maplewood, but Fus bore this with patience and poise. At least the stone was cool against his paw pads at this altitude, so he did not have to worry about burning them and cutting them at the same time.

He was after a fresh young lamb. It was sticking close to its mother still, and it was not wobbling - mountain sheep did not wobble even just after birth - but it was not quite as steady as the others, either. Fus had perfected this mode of hunting young lambs. He did not hurry, but followed doggedly after them, wherever they went. Eventually, they would find themselves on a narrow ledge or loose rock and he would lunge - and the lambs were so easy to scare. Fus did not have to bloody his jaws to have them falling to their deaths.

It was not the way he liked to hunt, but he was on his own, and he did not think the stranger from the woods would be pleased with a pile of rabbits. He needed this one grand thing, and then he would have brothers and sisters to aide him in real hunts. So he followed after the small herd of bighorns, determined not to lose them.
This isn't really rated M. If you came here looking for M sheep stuff, you should be ashamed of yourself.