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Private  August 12, 2018, 11:59 AM
Lone Wolves


Jolly Blackthorn had been an unusual kid from the very moment he had left Apple's womb and announced his arrival with loud screams and wails that had not ceased the least, as the kid grew. Therefore - no wonder - that the tired mother was not amused the least, when her then husband nicknamed the cub "a jolly good sport". It had stuck and defined, what his whole life had not been. Jolly had been a self-proclaimed realist and a misunderstood ever-suffering philosopher, who had got on nerves on every single member of the family for the next two years. Until one day he had disapppeared. Out of respect and loyalty a half-hearted search had been done, but then with a sigh of a relief everyone silently agreed that this was for the best. And felt a teeny tiny bit sorry for, whoever had ended up with him.

In reality, this memory of Apple's son had nothing to do with the maple forest she had been staying for few days. But, when one is alone, one is prone to entertain him or herself with thinking and remembering. And, while she had not bothered about her missing son for a long time (because there is only so much a mother's love can take), she thought of him now. She had to admit that he had been a very annoying brat, but it would have been just a little funny now to hear his nasal voice and criticize everything that would have been wrong with this place.
August 13, 2018, 06:42 PM
Lone Wolves

The brute had been traveling for some time that he had forgotten what day he was on by himself. It felt a little better as the days went by, he felt as if he was becoming more of the wolf he wanted to be. He hit the forest and was light on his feet as he entered. Steele was wary, his ears perked and tail up for dominance as he walked through. If he were to come into contact with another male most likely he would have to fight and that was something he would like to avoid if possible.

When he was trekking along he smelled another's scent, it whafted through his nose and it smelled of female. He let his ears and tail relax as he came upon her. A small chuff came from him as he stopped just a little distance away, he wondered why she was out alone. He would let her tell him who she was first so he didn't seem too intimidating to her.

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