Duskfire Glacier get a condom for your heart
All Welcome  August 12, 2018, 12:18 PM
thinking maybe one of the siblings she hasn't had much contact with (@Siarut, @Takiyok are especially relevant to the thread), or even @Aleks, someone like that?

the distinction between being a "real pack" and being a "forming pack" was not exactly clear to wolves.  although now their numbers were fledged and their territory more or less tracked, marked, and successfully built, she felt little change.

there was a monotony in pack life she had always forgotten about (how unfortunate), but at least the wolves of ikkanattuk did not mind if she stretched her legs — and she especially appreciated it when it came to etoille.  

she'd have to talk to them about him, eventually.  he did want to come visit.  so she went lazily about finding one of the northerner's crew to bring it up.

August 12, 2018, 01:49 PM
Taki was depositing a rabbit into one of their newly-dug caches when she scented Mirabelle nearby. She hadn't interacted much with the female since arriving here, but since she was making a point to reach out to the new recruits, she decided now was a good time to talk to Mirabelle. Although talking to wolves outside of her trust circle was not her favorite activity, she didn't particularly mind Mirabelle. Like Aleks, she had done her a service by staying here and watching the glacier for Taki while she left to get her family, and she felt she she owed the female for that. 

It didn't take her long to catch up with Mirabelle, and she greeted her with a chuff as she got near. Coming up beside her, she gave a nod and said, Hey.

Looks like a girl, but she's a flame.