Heron Lake Plateau under stars
Pack Activity  August 12, 2018, 01:50 PM
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The meteors had started sometime early in the month.  She'd talked to @Raven then, for the first time since Tuathal had left, about maybe doing something when they started to pick up.  Pack morale had seemed low since Screech had ... done everything he had done ... and she herself felt pretty down.

She didn't know the name for the phenomenon was going on, and she didn't know anyone who was even interested in stars in the pack that might be able to tell her.  But she worked diligently, trying to catch food and stock up and get things ready.  She didn't even know if anyone would show up — she hadn't done a very good job at actually communicating with other people that something would be happening tonight — but as long as someone did, it'd all be worthwhile.

The sun had just dipped below the horizon when she threw her head back and called for anyone who was willing to show up to watch the phenomenon of the raining stars with her.

August 13, 2018, 11:48 AM
As summer began its slow creep toward fall, Towhee found herself itching more and more to try out another road trip. Specifically, she wanted to go visit the caldera. But there was no good reason to do that and she didn't want to rob the pack of at least two able bodies (herself and at least one travel companion) for several days, maybe even a week or more. That was why traveling had never made much sense to her. A wolf belonged at home, where it could hunt, guard and patrol. What good was she out there, roaming aimlessly, visiting ghost towns? None, she always answered herself, hence why she hadn't even bothered floating the idea past anyone.

But she was rethinking it the past few days. Traveling would be more difficult in winter, so if she really wanted to go, she should do it soon. Besides, the ranks were pretty full, so the Redhawks could spare her for a short spell, along with whoever she asked to go with her. She was walking across the darkening plateau, debating whether it made more sense to ask Niamh or Tegan to accompany her, when she looked up absently and saw Ceara sitting in the grass in the middle distance. Even as the Beta gazed at her silhouette, she saw the she-wolf raise her muzzle and howl.

Brow furrowing, she dropped her thoughts about a peregrination for now and trotted nearer to the Epsilon, woofing a query under her breath.

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11 hours ago
Timelines...? PAH!

Okay so he hadn't charmed a stranger to get in to the pack, he'd just found Niamh, but that had worked. Was it cheating? Maybe. Was Bruges also cheating? Most likely; Ambrose knew his brother well enough to expect as much, but he wasn't thinking about the bet right this second. During the day, sure. It was evening now though, and he was taking a breather. The air was cooling just a little, althoug humidity still hung like a wet cloth in the air, and he had half a mind to find his sister for some more catching up when he heard a call. 

It sounded like someone was throwing a party. No wonder Niamh liked it here so much! It was beautiful, and they weren't afraid to have a little fun!

His tail was whisking behind him as he sought out the voice, and eventually arrived just after Towhee — but he didn't see her at first. The sunset had begun to transition the sky through an array of deep pinks while the few clouds became counter-shaded in reds and then purples, and it caught Amrose's eye. He was watching the clouds drifting and staring in awe up at the glorious colors, at least until he got close enough to make out Towhee's figure and just beyond that, Fire's. They were both familiar for different reasons.

Hello! He greeted cheerfully, but at this point he'd stopped staring at the colorful sky and was watching the two of them, wondering if this was supposed to be a girls night or maybe a date, which maybe he wasn't invited to after all. Am I intruding?

7 hours ago
Like the aging male he was, Elwood was getting ready for bed when he heard Ceara's call. He had just completed the second of three rotations before settling down in the grass, but he paused and looked in the direction of the howl, then shifted his gaze to make eye contact with @Finley. She, too, had been preparing for a lazy night "in," but the duo exchanged shrugs and decided to see what was going on.

When they arrived, Ceara had already been joined by Towhee and Ambrose. Elwood chuffed a greeting towards the latter, glad to see the male that he had already been acquainted with outside of the territory. He and Finley approached Towhee. "Hey," Elwood said, as Finley moved to bump her own shoulder against Towhee's. The pair of retirees then looked to their relative, waiting for Ceara to explain the reason for celebration.