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Full Version: Great Bear Wilderness Territories
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Altar of Twilight

A small valley between the peaks of The Moonspear's mountain range, surrounded by high walls of grey rock to the south. Moonlight reflects upon these walls at night, casting an unearthly glow down across the vale at its feet. Territory description written by Finley.

Big Salmon Lake

Born from a sister stream of the greater Whitefish River, this turn in the river found its final destination in the form of Big Salmon Lake. Here, snowmelt from the nearby mountains provide for a vast assortment of wildlife including local populations of elk, deer, bears, blue herons and a handful of other creatures. True to its namesake, this lake is a well known breeding ground for salmon. These freshwater varieties are highly active during the summer months only to later migrate upstream during the fall. Due to its size, this lake has been known to freeze over completely during the winter months, but that doesn’t prevent the locals from trying to steal a drink along its edges. This lake is a hot-spot year round as it’s a notable source of water for southern territories. Territory description written by Iqniq.


A forest filled with rich alders, cottonwoods, apple, and cherry trees, this orchard is something of a snacker’s dream. From the fruit filled trees to the numerous blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry bushes, there are plenty of things to scavenge during the appropriate seasons. For as vast and delicious as this forest might be, it can be quite difficult to travel. The berry bushes are known for their thorns and brambles that can make navigating this wood something of a dangerous experience. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Broken Antler Fen

As the landscape drains into a low point it gives rise to Broken Antler Fen: a rich wetland embraced by a broad timberland of sweet-scented cedar and willow. The ground is soft under paw, carpeted in moss and decorated with grasses and rushes nearer the water. In the warmer months the fen is alive with a chorus of ducks and frogs and teeming with small fish and minnows. In the winter, it is still and serene, the boughs of the forest sheltering those nearby. Along with otter, beaver and bear, moose favor this area, and during their rut males commonly break off an antler competing for mates - one such antler having inspired the territory's name. Territory description written by Jaws.

Cassiopeia's View

A high shelf on The Moonspear's mountain range that boasts a clear view over the tops of the forests and peaks to the ocean in the far distance. Territory description written by Finley.

Chimera Fields

A true chimera of a territory, the fields boast hundreds of vibrant wildflowers on the eastern half and nothing but ripped up grass on the western half where a tornado cut across the land. Honeybees frequent the east, but only earthworms can make a living on the destroyed western front. Territory description written by Atreyu.

Deepwood Weald

Tree upon spindly tree line the entirety of this forest. They are tall, lanky things that stretch high into the sky where their branches tangle together. Save for the few infantile trees, none of their branches are within reach to the forest creatures that crawl within this deep wood. Light cuts through their limbs at a peculiar angle, casting this place in an eerie white, foggy sort of hue that makes it difficult to see in any one direction. As far as following footprints? Most are lost beneath the red and green ferns which line the floor. This wood is a large repetitive stretch with few distinguishable markings. It’s difficult to navigate and easy to get lost in the weald. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Firefly Glen

This narrow region of land runs wild with thick vegetation. A canopy of greenery hangs from the trees, soaking up sunlight while the ground below struggles for survival. It's various creeks and streams easily become flooded during the lightest of rain showers, morphing the once solid ground into quicksand like muck. If it were not for the countless amount of fireflies that dwell within this dusky valley, little to no light would be visible, leaving the glen to be a dark and serene canvas under the night sky. Territory description written by Adelina.

Haunted Wood

A forest territory southeast of Redhawk Cladera, this Haunted Wood provides life of all kinds. The wood is split into three sections. One, a dark, foggy place covered by canopy of gnarled oak trees. The second is filled with mysterious willow trees where sunlight drips through the leaves. The final section is thriving with birch trees and lots of plant life thanks to the river that runs through the area. Territory description written by Lusa.

Honeyed Pasture

Well known for its large amount of herds that graze upon this golden sea, Honeyed Pasture goes beyond compare for hunting parties. It's tall grass provides the perfect cover for those looking for an easy meal, and the few streams that flow allow for a refreshing drink. Bears often gather in this open field posing a constant threat to any who dare to roam this favorable land, while coyote numbers soar to new levels and scavenge any chance they get. Territory description written by Adelina.

Lake Rodney

A beautiful, thriving lake surrounded by brilliant wildflowers in the warmer months. The shores are hugged by sandy coves, elegant birch trees, and sturdy sycamores which provide shade and safety for dens and burrows while also attracting prey even in the midst of winter. The waters are ripe with a variety of freshwater fish that leap out of the water. In the center of the lake rests an island covered by an ancient oak tree. It's large roots twist and turn into the shallows of the lake and provide shade to many a rare herb. This place is truly a little slice of paradise. Territory description written by Hawk.

Moonsong Glacier

Another remnant of a time long ago, this ice field is slowly melting away as the days go by. Until it is nothing more than a puddle, the glacier remains an unsafe place to be caught upon, especially after fresh snow. Sudden avalanches happen from time to time, catching whatever life-form happens to be traipsing across it's surface at the time and sweeping them to a cold, prolonged death. In summer months, when there is no snow at all, the place seems solid enough, the ice slick but climbable nonetheless. Territory description written by Nanuk.


The Moonspear, the tallest mountain in its range, rivals its brother, the Sunspire, in height and majesty. The wildlife that makes the mountain its home find shelter upon the Spear's lower slopes, which are covered thickly in a dark, tangled woods. Those that make their way up the mountain's crooked, jagged passages are rewarded with the stunning views the Moonspear has to offer on its Northern face where a series of flat ridges and plains make the perfect perches for a romantic night of stargazing. Claimed by the Moonspear pack. Territory description written by Finley.

Moonstone Quarry

A land with many aspects, the natural quarry here is well removed from the lands around it, the walls of limestone steep and treacherous. If you are careful, you can make your way down to the uneven floor and find deep, still pools of crystal clear water waiting for you to enjoy. Not only that, but there are moonstones hidden in the rough here, ready to be found and treasured by anyone that finds them. Territory description written by Nanuk.

Neverwinter Forest

A thick layer of evergreen pines stand sentinel. Arm in arm, they weave their boughs together, creating a dense canopy of branches that fend off both rain and snow. The forest floor is shadowed. Here and there a beam of sun penetrates to the ground below, but these rays of light are seldom and few. Where they touch, infant life reaches for the skies. Soft ferns and saplings spread, cloaking the ground with downy moss and fallen pine needles. This forest protects itself and with it, has become home to several herds of deer. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Nocturne Summit

One of the flattest parts of The Moonspear's mountain range is a broad summit permanently covered in shadows. Peaks rise around it such that the sun never truly reaches this shorter summit. A cool, refreshing place to go on the hottest summer days. Territory description written by Saena.

Ouroboros Spine

Rising on their own in the southern Great Bear Wilderness, an unbroken ring of short, squat mountains guards a once rolling valley. An ancient, 2-story temperate conifer forest once cloaked the entire region, but now the bowl is a mud pit more than anything, and its interior lake, once a quarter of the size, has swelled to over half the size of the valley within. Some of the deeply rooted trees have remained standing, but the ground is far too wet and slippery to safely travel on and much of the forest has fallen.

Redhawk Caldera

South and west of the current map, a sprawling grassland stretches for miles before leading to the base of this extinct volcano. Its slopes are thick with greenery and lead up to an uneven ridge line. Instead of a peak, the mountain top features a sunken lake, its surface remarkably smooth. The southern rim of the crater is comprised of particularly tall, jagged crags; they are the misplaced peak, broken into pieces and blown aside during the volcano's final eruption. The terrain is beautiful but rugged. On the surface, it may not appear to be a very homey place, yet the caldera harbors many secrets below the surface.

Silverlight Terrace

Natural rock strata formations cascade down the North side of Moonspear to spill into a rich, green land. The rolling hills here are teeming with life, an area perfect for supporting predators with all the attention it attracts. At night, particularly when the moon is bright and full, the green grass catches the moonbeams and takes on a silvery tone and a walk through the fields seems more like a dream than anything. Peaceful and quiet, the terraces are a perfect place to take a stroll and clear your mind. Territory description written by Nanuk.

Silvertip Mountain

Though few have ever ventured high enough to see this precipice's namesake Silvertip Mountain is home to many who find solace in their lives carved from stone. Precariously placed cliffs overlook trails worn into the rock by the eons of wandering footsteps winding in and out of sight.

Included Areas

Glass Cave: The wide mouth of a cave spreads like a grin upon the north eastern face of the mountain. Open and inviting, the light of the sun reflects upon shallow pools of water and catches within millions of brilliant quartz crystals. Just like refractions in glass, these crystals alter light to create tiny rainbows that dance across the water and soft earth. Patches of grass and other low plant life are absolutely mesmerizing when painted in technicolor. To visit is like entering a dream. There’s no way to fully describe the magic of this cave. It has to be experienced. Territory description written by Iqniq.

The Heartwood

Once a bright and vibrant deciduous forest, The Heartwood is now a wasteland of ash and cinders. Proud trees were consumed in a blaze that claimed the entire forest and what life flourished here has moved on to greener pastures. The fire scorched deep into the earth, ensuring that regrowth will take a great many years.