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You may use this template as a basis for your pack's page. Feel free to deviate from it as you see fit, but it's a good starting point! You should minimally have a post for all the pertinent information about your pack, such as its name, where it's located and its history if applicable. You may also have posts for religion/philosophy and internal territories, if these are relevant to your pack.

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[h1]Pack Basics[/h1]
[b]Ranks:[/b] Link to your pack ranks.
[b]Location:[/b] Region
[b]Founded:[/b] Founding date
[b]Pack Colours:[/b] [color=#000000]Colour 1[/color] & [color=#666666]Color 2[/color]

Leader 1: Rank (Start Date [mdash] present)
Leader 2: Rank (Start Date [mdash] present)

Past Leader 1: Past Rank (Start Date [mdash] End Date)

The history of your pack.

The description of your pack's claimed territory for easy reference.

[h1]Philosophy / Principles[/h1]
What your pack believes in or stands for.

[h1]Special Considerations[/h1]
If the pack has any special requirements for joining you can discuss those here.

If the pack has a religion you can talk about it here.

[h1]Internal Territories[/h1]
[b]Internal Area Name:[/b] Internal area description.

[b]Internal Area Name:[/b] Internal area description.
Bare bones example.

Pack Basics

Name: Cracked Canyon
Ranks: Click here
Location: Tuktu Hinterlands
Acronym: CC
Founded: 15 April 2014
Pack Colours: Colour 1 & Color 2



Screwskull: Alpha Male (18 January 2016 — present)
Boneknapper: Alpha Female (15 April 2014 — present)


Slaverjaw: Alpha Male (15 April 2014 — 18 January 2016)


Cracked Canyon was discovered by a pair of morally ambiguous coywolves, who proceeded to collect other coywolves around them like a cult. Slaverjaw and Boneknapper led the pack for nearly two years, but then an ambitious coywolf, Screwskull, took it upon himself to challenge and subsequently murder Slaverjaw. He took the mantle of Alpha Male himself and claimed Boneknapper for a mate in the process.


A dry, dusty bowl of a canyon with little water and less food. Only crazy wolves would think to settle here.