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It felt good, to feel the wind on her fur and taste the salty air upon her tongue, entangled with the unmistakable scent of seaweed that flooded her nostrils. She had never known, before her time at Undersea, just how much the sea would affect her. The moment she first discovered the large, dangerous expanse of blue, she'd been captured. It was beautiful and deadly, and the scent now only made her think of better times. For she had been Beta of a sanctuary across the water, on that island - and even stepped up to be alpha temporarily at one point. She saw the sea as something unmistakably familiar, which amused her for as a child she had had no clue of the rolling waves. Well... she remembered nothing of her childhood and had no relations she could think of, so she supposed even if she had known about the ocean, she would not be able to recollect those memories.

Now she lowered her gaze to peer into one of the pools along the shore, reflection staring back at her. She had changed during her time in the Teekon, hadn't she? Perhaps for the better, she supposed. Either way, she could not help but admire the way she had grown during this time, the many packs she had joined and left, the one she helped to form, and the wolves she had met along the way. Only two were ones she kept clear in her memory, Seelie and Stockholm, though perhaps she might find another friend one day. For now, she was content to bathe in her lonesome and watch as the night fell.
Not wanting to wander far from the wolfess she had met the day before, the mix almost scampered over the landscape, her grin clear on her face as her tiny paws made no sound. They liked her. Giggles poured from her mouth as she tried to run off some excitement. She let out a rare set of yips, happy and proud. A big fami...group. She was going to be a part of the chaos again. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she slowed down and trotted as he eyes sparkled. 
Eyes bright as a couple of stars, she flicked her ears forward and sniffed the air. A wolf. Curiosity ran through her heart, and she followed her nose. Her full tail swished from side to side as she almost waltzed to the scent. Even if it was a sour puss of a wolf, she didn't  think anything could ruin her mood at the moment. 
A smile crossed her face as she spotted the wolfess. Pretty. Her appreciation for beauty wasn't tarnished by the one called...what was her peculiar name? The striking yet obnoxious one. Shaking her head, she gave her body a relaxed stance and chuffed.
The pool provided a small sense of comfort, as though the water itself was her friend. Perhaps it was, for the deep blue waves eased any tension she had within a few moments of being within its presence. Something about that strange, dangerous beauty intruiged her to no end, and it seemed to go on forever. If she looked, now, upon the horizon where the blue line met the darkening sky, she saw no land aside from the island of which she had once resided. 

A chuff broke her thoughts, and Faeryn turned quickly in surprise to meet the gaze of another. She supposed the salty wind had masked their scent, though she also was aware that she had zoned out completely. Her ears perked forward and she cautiously lifted her nose to sniff at the air before opening her jaws. "...Hello." She spoke, clearly wary and alert but not to the point of showing aggression. Simply not one to trust upon first glance. Many were not who they seemed.
The wolfess almost jumped in surprise, and the girl raised her brows. She hadn't meant to startle her. As she raised her head, her eyes spoke of a closed off wolfess. Her tail flicked, and her face grew thoughtful for a moment. Her impulsiveness almost got her in trouble. She should control that. A giggle almost escaped from her smile as she remembered how her mother put it: 'It's like trying to control a scared rabbit running away from a hawk.' 
A bittersweet feeling overtook her for a moment, and she glanced into the water, her reflection staring back at her, a reminder of the one she was looking for. Shaking her head mentally, she spoke. Hello there. Forgive me for interrupting your thoughts. My... curiosity was strong. Sitting down, she wrapped her tail around her paws, wondering what kind of wolfess this one was.
She took a quick moment to examine the stranger, who was small in size [not disimilar to Faeryn herself] and who carried a pretty set of colours in her coat. She seemed friendly enough, so the dove's posture relaxed ever so slightly to assure the woman she was not going to bolt, or suddenly attack any time soon. The woman peered into the very same water that Fae had looked into but a moment ago, then spoke.

"Ah..." She nodded slowly. "It's okay. I was not thinking of anything important." Truly, she was not the best at any kind of social interaction but she tried regardless, attempting to gently sway her tail behind her in a friendly gesture. She was lonely for sure, and she didn't want to drive anyone else away with her lack of knowledge when it came to socialising.
Her posture relaxed, and the small creature smiled. This one was small for a wolf. She seemed awkward at conversing, but Dakini didn't mind. She seemed nice enough. The wind blew in a burst of salt air, and she closed her eyes, sniffing. It was an unfamiliar scent, yet it somehow calmed her. Visibly relaxing, she laid down and crossed her front paws. Twitching her ears in curiosity, she smiled slightly at the pretty wolfess. My name is Dakini. Are you new around here? Her voice was light, yet a sparkle of interest shone in her eyes. She had never met a wolf this small. She swept the ground with her tail and glanced at the wolfess.
The creature smiled and lay down, showing no sign of aggression. Though still with a small tug of hidden wariness, Faeryn allowed herself to lower into a laying position to mirror that of the other. "Nice to meet you, Dakini. I'm Faeryn, but you can call me Fae if you want." That was how she was supposed to introduce herself... right?

The questioned proposed caused a small, perhaps bittersweet smile to cross her freatures. No, she was not new here. She had no recollection of her past outside of the Teekon, and had resided here for a good while. Here, along the coast, was the area she found herself most familiar with. "Not... particularly, no. I was the Beta of a pack just across the water," She gestured with her muzzle across the blue depths, wondering if Dakini could spot the small island in the distance. "It is gone now, but I have found a few wolves who used to reside there." And she did not plan on leaving them any time soon. "What about you?" Okay, perhaps she could do this talking thing. Was there anything specific she was supposed to say, or ask?
As the female mirrored her, Dakini let her smile grow as she flicked her tail. Faeryn. Or Fae. Contemplating which she would call her, she was almost surprised at the bittersweet smile. Her large ears swiveled forward, curiosity completely piqued. Beta. Maybe it was like the coyotes. 2nd in command? She thought it was right as she continued to listen. Turning her head, she grinned at the island, the salty smell, still new, wrapped around her nose like an old friend. Turning towards her, her excitement was clear as she spoke, her accent thickening. Sí, I am new here, yet I have found a few that have taken me in. Smoke and Rosalyn. Her grin became full blown as she fondly thought of he two, her tail wagging slightly.
Faeryn allowed the scents of the sea to fill her senses, accepting that salty taste of the air and the chilly breeze that ruffled her blue fur. Along the coast was undeniably her favourite, finding the open stretches of land, the pools, and the water itself to provide her with much more comfort. No doubt the sea could be dangerous, but she much preferred those dark, rolling waves to the crowded trees dotting the areas further inland.

"Smoke and Rosalyn? I have not heard of them. Do they live near here?"
The girl watched the wolfess and smiled. This conversation was going better than she had hoped. Much better than the obnoxious beauty a couple of days ago. Flicking her ears, a light giggle spilled out as her eyes lit up. They live for the sea. They are...how do you say? Pirates? I'm sorry, I do not know the correct word. I think that is it. They live very close. Her tail swished as her eyes landed on the woman.
A conversation as casual and calm as this was highly appreciated, the gentle rolling of the waves not too far off a wonderfully relaxing background noise. Faeryn smiled softly, ears perking at the mention of the sea, and her eyes sparkled. "Ah, I like the sound of these wolves. The sea is dangerously beautiful." The wintry dove had little clue what a 'pirate' was, but nodded along regardless. "If I had not promised myself to Undersea, I might have come along." For the sanctuary Undersea had provided was one she had greatly appreciated, and she was certain others had admired it just as much as she had. She hoped it would rise again, but only time could tell.
The girl sighed happily and stretched slowly, the extension of her muscles relaxing. As the wolfess spoke, she smiled with her words and nodded. She liked them as well. It would be great to talk to Rosalyn again. Smoke seemed intriguing as well. Her heart warmed when the woman told her she had already had a fam...pack. She was glad. The woman seemed like she deserved it. Why she was reluctant to use that word, she didn't know. In the peaceful air, she didn't try to answer as her tail swept the ground and came around to her side. 
Her voice was soft, and her eyes sparkled bittersweetly as she spoke. I grew up in the desert myself, but since the first time I smelled the salty air and saw the beautiful awe of the waters, it has drawn me. Maybe it is wrong of me to drop my search for now, yet I would have deeply regretted not joining. Flicking her ears, she yawned, then sighed softly.
The petite woman mentioned something about a desert, and the seawolf's attention was immediately captured like a fish to a hook. She had never been to a desert, never felt that burning heat, but she supposed she would not have remembered even if she had experienced such a thing. Talk of the cold waters caused the upward tilt of her lips, a curve to herald the presence of a smile. "I too was drawn to the sea from the moment I came upon it. I have felt both the deadly wrath and the peaceful comfort from those waves." Yes, one of the things she did remember was the brutal storm that could have stolen her life from within her grasp. But here she was - alive and well.

"What is a desert like?"
The question immediately put a smile on the girl's face, but it was tinged with bittersweetness. Hermosa. Tranquilo en la superficie, pero muy peligroso debajo. Silence stretched for a minute as the mix stared across the landscape. Blinking, she shook her head, a chagrined look in her eyes. Lo siento. I am sorry. I said it was beautiful, calm on the surface, dangerous underneath...much like the sea. It was almost an afterthought, one she had never thought of before. Tilting her head, her tail swayed as she spoke again. Maybe that's why I am drawn to the sea. It reminds me of home. I miss it.
She giggled suddenly, her eyes sparkling. One of the things I miss is the way the birds ran from you. It was so very fun. Skinny little legs, but they were fast. It was a challenge to catch them. But when you did, it was worth it. I also miss the warmth. It is colder than I expected up here. Her smiled faded, but she tucked her tail in beside her, and she studied the wolfess for only a moment before speaking. I am glad that we came across each other.
The girl smiled and spoke in a language foreign to the seawolf's ears, and her lips quirked downward in a concentrated frown. She had never heard words such as those fall from another's lips - what did they mean? She soon apologised and gave an explanation, to which Faeryn nodded. The strange wolfess spoke of how it reminded her of home, and the wintry fae blankly gazed back toward the ocean. "I do not remember my past, so fortunately I have nothing to miss." Was it a good thing? The sylph seemed to believe so, though whether or not it actually was was up for debate - how could she know, if she had no memories of older times?

Dakini spoke of birds and how they fled, and then shifted the subject to temperatures and the conversation was beginning to go cloudy in Faeryn's mind. Perhaps it was simply her lacking skills when it came to such... wordy conversations. Social interactions she was not perfect at, but she'd gotten better! It was simply the endless talking that caused the haze of grey to pass over her mind. She gave a slight smile, nodding to the other - "Yes, I am too. You are nice to talk to." Even if she herself wasn't great at it.
The words struck a chord with the girl, and for a moment she pondered them. She crossed her paws and stared over the sea. Would she have been better off not remembering her past? The thought put a shudder through her. No, her curiousity would be too great. It would drive her mad. For once, she was content in the knowledge that she knew her past.
Seeing the wolfess look at her blankly, she wondered if she had worn out her welcome. She decided even if it wasn't the case, it was better leaving with them wanting more than staying and ruining the conversation. 
Stretching to her feet, she swished her tail and bowed her head, closing her eyes for a brief moment before smiling. It has been beautiful talking with you, mí amíga, but I believe it is time for me to depart. I hope we meet again. Please take care of yourself. Good bye and good luck, Faeryn. With that, she turned and trotted off, looking back once, giving a farewell wave of her tail as she disappeared over a hill.
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It seemed with the falling of the sun below the horizon, came the conclusion to their meeting. Faeryn found herself enjoying the encounter, and despite her regular lack of muse when it came to talking, she had managed to keep herself interested in this conversation and perhaps willed it to occur again. But ah, the sky was coloured in purple hues, streaks of a burning orange dancing across this canvas to mark the coming night, and the seawolf was aware she should prepare to head back to the island.

"Farewell, Dakini - we must meet again. It was a pleasure." And with that, the two parted ways to continue with their seaborn lives.