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@Rathbone @Duana @Kelina plans are forming.
As the sun set over the horizon, the woman once again patrolled the edges of the mountain. The patches of burnt trees stood out starkly against the painted sky as she picked her way through the sparse trees and burnt stumps. Her mind went to yesterday, and her ear flicked backwards in annoyance. She knew the girl was trailing her, although she didn't know why. The girl was on the edge, she saw that from yesterday. Snapping her tail in annoyance, she wondered if she would stick around until she saw the shadow. Maybe Kelina could do something with this irritating wolfess.
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his departure from the women in shadow mountain had not set well with him.  he should have stuck around to make sure the woman who had been attacked was alright, but he had worried that his presence would frighten her further.

after he had finished his business with the  sky dancer, he set off to find a gift to bring the women.

two hares he hunted down, and soon he was close to the women's scent.  positioning himself to come out in front of them, he wordlessly lay the prize before them and kept his eyes locked on the forest behind him.
The sun had begun to set, to disappear on the line where the land met the sky, and Kelina's prowling did not cease. Despite her preference for night when the darkness provided easy cover to mask the panther's movements, the sky at this time was a spectacular sight. A subtle, darkening canvas of blue melted into a fiery orange and burned like a new flame, various figures and forms of the landscape shadowed and black that contrasted against the background of fire. The tangerine rays of light lit up the dark woman's face with a blazing glow, illuminating the delicate features that graced her face as she stalked.

She had caught the Snakebrewer's scent on the wind, and her interest had been piqued - for her scent was not the only one. With a sparkling in her violent gaze, the Nightstalker had set off in search of the tortoiseshell creature only to spot her with two others. One white, a small figure that blended mystically with the snow that coated the land, and the other a colour not disimilar but certainly larger. 

The svelte woman observed silently from the darkness as she often did, before slowly emerging from the shade of the trees like a wisp of shadows sliding from the depths of a cave. "Snakebrewer." The greeting fell from her raven lips before a brow quirked and she passed a questioning glance to the companions of the wolfess.
Trailing the woman who had saved her yesterday she realized she wasn’t the only one. The giant male was here as well. Keeping her distance she continued to follow though stopped as another woman stepped out. Something about her made Duana slightly uneasy but she seemed to know the one who saved her. Maybe she wasn’t all that bad..

Holding her tongue she stayed quiet, glancing at the other three wolves with something like curiosity. This is the longest she’d been around this many in quite a while and so she was slightly wary of it despite the fact that two of them had helped her. 

Her dark eyes locked with the new wolf for a moment before she dropped her gaze, looking elsewhere. She didn’t want to set anything off. Especially after..she cut the thought off and watched silently.
As he continued to follow her, he caught the odd impression that she was not quite all there, yet in command of every one of her thoughts. She was a puzzle he wanted to figure out, if only for his own sanity, if not his safety. 
He followed behind her, the shoulder pain dissipating as time went on, but after less than 2 days, his side was still oozing, and he was getting impatient. She had been looking for this...other one, but no luck yet. Maybe she had disappeared.
Yet as she caught scent of someone, her step was faster, and he grinned. Maybe he could get his wounds fixed as he was promised. As they came upon the scene, it made him raise his eyebrows as he stayed a few feet behind. Sitting back on his haunches, he coolly looked around. The name for the one eared wolfess dropped from the black one's lips. So this was the one that was supposed to heal him. She didn't look like much.
The other one was lurking, as if she was following the tortoiseshell. She looked...odd, as if a squirrel could frighten her. Why was she here? Then the..what looked to almost be a white bear with two dead rabbits laid before them. What in the hell was going on? Twitching his tail, he waited almost impatiently as curiosity flowed through him.
As she came into view of the big wolf she had met a couple of days prior, she once again twitched her tail in appreciation. Tilting her head a but confused, she wondered why he had done this. What was his purpose? As she opened her mouth to talk, her nose caught the scent of her alpha, and a grin spread across her features as she heard her title, her one ear twitching towards her. 
Seeing her curious look, she opened her mouth to talk, and she stopped yet again as she saw what was behind her. What..was THAT? Her own curiousity perked, she spoke, her voice almost bored. Long story. Short version? I met that one.. She gestured with her head towards Rathbone. ..coming off the mountain. He was hungry, so I lead him to eat. That one... Once again, her head swung to stare annoyedly at the white female. ...was there. She was getting attacked. I stepped in. Knowing there would be questions later, she cast a look of knowing towards the shadow demoness then went quiet.


it was not the name she had given him.  he was unsettled by the way the woman had materialized from the shadow, and he drew his tongue over his lips.  her striking eyes gleamed from beneath her dark pelage, and he noted it, paired with the length of her grin.

he did not like this.

his moonbeam eyes lay on each of them for a second.  he held his position steady, but he lingered on the woman who had introduced herself as tree.

had he fallen into some elaborate trap?  for now, they would carry the benefit of the doubt.  

The stocky creature followed behind the Nightstalker's every step like a dog to a man, and she could not say that it did not spike her nerves when he would not close that big mouth of his. She supposed the company of a wolverine was not the greatest to keep, but she had made a deal with him and hopefully he could prove himself somewhat useful to the shadow wolves. They had been seeking out Tree, and now the figure was just before them - Kelina turned and glanced to Hefner before her violet gaze trailed back to the three wolves, brow still quirked as the Snakebrewer began to explain.

The night wraith fell silent, observing the scene carefully before opening her jaws to speak. "I see." Though still the intentions of the two strangers were still unknown, and Kelina drew her tongue out to swipe across her dark lips while contemplating whether or not they were possible joiners. "If they are still following you, they must have reasons - are they wishing to join us on the Mountain?" The question was primarily directed at Tree herself, for she must have a general idea, but her eyes flickered like a new flame to the other two who stood in solemn silence, black ears cupped forward to see if they had any words to contribute.
Up until the mention of joining she had seemed tempted to leave though as she heard the woman’s question her ears perked up, interest now showing slightly in her dark eyes. Could this be her chance to join a pack? 

After a moments hesitation she finally spoke quietly. “Join you..? I..would like to..” Falling quiet once again she glanced between the three then kept her gaze on the questioning Wolfess, curious as to if she was accepting.

Maybe she’d find a home here or at the very least a purpose. She was tired of being along and quite frankly after last night no longer wanted to be without company.
As the mixed colored wolfess glanced back at him, then did a double take, the wolverine could not help but be satisfied to the reaction. He cocked his eyebrow at her and sat back on his haunches. Listening to the explanation that fell from her lips, he sensed that she did not speak often. Was she stupid or just few of words? He studied her a few moments. The man would have to ask...later. There was no way in hell he was interrupting this little powwow. It was too intriguing.
The big boy had fewer words to say than the wolfess, speaking none at all. Ok, he had to be stupid..right? As he opened his mouth to ask, the shadow woman spoke, and his ears twisted, wanting to catch every word. His eyes lit up at the question, his mind buzzing with anticipation for the answer. Recruits? Maybe they would make better company than the leader, although, looking around, he doubted it. The timid looking one spoke first, which made him raise his eyebrows. Surprise. She talked like she hadn't spoken in ages. Great. Another stupid one.
The scene that lay before her was not putting her at ease. The annoying girl still followed her, the..whatever the hell that was following Kelina was also annoying, looking as if he owned the joint. She could eat him later. The wolf she had met a couple of days before had brought her dinner. What the hell was going on? Her tail flicked in slight irritation, then the black one spoke almost curiously, glancing at her then the two new ones. As she opened her mouth to speak, the white wolfess spoke, and the annoyance grew. The one time she opened her mouth to speak, and the pest had to talk. Taking a deep breath, she waited until she was finished, then gestured towards the man. Him, I don't know what his intentions are.