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All welcome. Hoping for a @Gannet and eventually, leadership.

Upon returning to caldera, Whip found nothing but disappointment in its place. The old whelping den, empty and partially collapsed, bore no sign of life; nor had it for some time, Whip assumed. The air was clear of the Redhawk scent and only ghosts remaind. Ghosts and memories. A fog. Perhaps Towhee had run the family legacy into the ground, squandering the grand Redhawk family legacy. It did not occur to Whip that they could move, believing them so connected with the caldera that it blended with their very identity. They were gone, he supposed.

It started to rain. Light. An indecisive sky.

Whip moved on from the Caldera, leaving him behind him in more ways than one. He trudged west, remembering an uneventful encounter many months ago. There was another pack nearby -- one of which Whip chose only out of conveniance. He lingered close to the border, but not too close; just where the scents started to blend with the grass and the earth. Whip waited for a moment, halting. Still. Unsure. He called and waited some more.
When Gannet heard his brother's voice, at first it didn't register that this was strange. He was sleeping, and the howl woke him.... and it almost seemed for a minute like he was back at the Caldera, Fox and Peregrine nearby, and of course Whip was supposed to be there.

Then he woke a little more, and his eyes snapped open with shock. Was it really Whip he'd heard?! Unwilling to wait too much longer to find out, he stumbled away from his favorite meadow, taking a minute to wake fully and get into the uneven loping stride that would carry him to the border.

When he arrived, it was to find a large brown wolf, one who did seem familiar. It had been so long, that the voice was more recognizable than his face, but it was enough. He stared a moment, flabbergasted. "Whip?"
Hydra did little else as of late but patrol and mind her new siblings. The year prior, she had lost Galaxy two times over; she would do everything in her power to make sure it did not happen again. @Alya and @Lyra were ever by her side, as protective as she was. Their attitude toward Gannet had warmed, though only slightly; had Hydra not befriended him before Rannoch and all others leaving, she might have treated him the same. But he had been her friend for a long time, and she extended him the benefit of the doubt. He was still here, after all. 

When the call came, Hydra arrived shortly after Gannet. She heard his inquisitive voice, and her ears pricked atop her crown. It seemed that Gannet knew this wolf, and so she would let him direct this meeting—her tail swayed as she hung back some, authoritatively, though she bumped into her friend lightly as to let him know I'm here for you. Her blue eyes remained upon the agouti wolf, wondering the reason he had called and waiting for him to inform them both of what it was he had come for.
They descended on Whip one after the other; not quite a pair, but with only enough time between them for Gannet to finish a single, probing word. At first, Whip didn't quite recognize his brother. So much had changed in the year he had spent away. His brother was older -- his youthful features having changed, sharpened. However, his brother's black paws easily gave away his identity. Unlike Whip, Gannet's markings had always been more distinct. His partner, though Whip regarded her with some vague recognition, was ultimately a stranger with an unfamiliar scent. Watching. Judging.

"Yeah," said Whip, nodding curtly. "Surprised?" He supposed that was a safe assumption, as Whip was surprised to that his brother still lived. Perhaps he had been lucky, avoiding the perceived ruin of the Caldera just as Whip had. He stepped closer, ears deferentially folding back. "The mountain, is it yours?" Whip pondered aloud, believing the woman beside his brother to be his bethrothed.
Hydra's appearance wasn't entirely welcome, but he didn't move aside as she came to brush against as if nothing had happened. To her, likely nothing had... but Gannet still has some fairly complicated thoughts to sort out there. Now, though, Whip's presence was more important.

"Yeah," he said, but he grinned, moving forward to sniff his brother with an enthusiastically waving tail. Where had he been, and what was he doing here now!?

"Not mine, theirs," he said, gesturing to Hydra. "But I live here. Where were you?" Did he live somewhere else and had he just heard to visit, or was he surprised to?
Her ears flicked at the inquiry, though she did not move to correct him; though Gannet was not an Ostrega, he was pack, and she was of the mind that the mountain was his, too. All of theirs. Gannet's correction was one she thought nothing of, though. Likely his lowly position made him think that he might not fully belong—Hydra had a mind to change that. He had sat at Omega for a long time, long enough for Hydra to determine that he designed to stay here. Why should he not rise in their hierarchy, now?

Her tail waved. I am Hydra, she introduced herself. A friend of Gannet's was welcome here, though it was instinct to ascertain anything that occured at the borders now. Galaxy had died not too far from here, and her youngest brothers and sisters now had the ability to move around this place. What is your name? she asked next, having arrived just moments after Gannet's inquiry where he had said it. Gannet continued to speak, and she wondered how he knew of this male; they looked nothing alike, and she had not yet sampled his own scents to know of their relation.
Sooooo sorry for the wait y'all! Been a bit under the weather lately.

Whip nodded and thought of voicing his disappointment, but in the presence of the stranger he thought it wise to hold his tongue. Talk would not be candid with his brother; not now, at least. Yet, dissapointed as Whip was to hear that the Redhawk legacy was all but nil, he was not suprised. The Gannet he knew, or rather, the one he remembered did not strike him as the sort to lead. He was soft -- soft in a way Whip envied. But yet, time and circumstance were powerful forces of change, and strong souls were forged in the crucible of struggle. Whip could only fill the gaps with what he knew from long ago.

"Oh," he said, hiding his disdain behind a veil. He thought to answer his brother's question, but having wandered so far and so long -- he couldn't quite give a single answer. He offered only a shrug. It was then that the other spoke. Whip turned, pulling away bluntly from his brother's enthusiastic greeting. "Whip," he told her, studying her as he gave his answer. If Gannet did not lead, surely his companion held rank. Whip was mindful of how he held himself.

"He's my brother." He gestured toward Gannet with a quick motion. "I was-- I went back to the Caldera and no one was there," explained Whip. "I was hoping to come home."
Hydra didn't seem aggressive towards Whip, which was good.... he'd wondered after everything if any Redhawk but him had earned her hatred. Again he felt the push to talk with her, ask... but not now, with Whip here.

Gannet nodded when Whip defined himself as his brother; he'd forgotten that might not be obvious. At all. His words implied to Gannet that he might have missed the war too; did he still want to go home? Better yet, would he be welcome there?

He glanced at Hydra, remaining silent. He didn't know if he could ask, but his look when he looked back at Whip was clear; it was good to see him, and would be nice to have real family on the mountain. Someone who wasn't Ostrega.
Hydra would not mind having Whip here, though his succinct response did not imply that he meant this place to be what he defined as home. Hydra also did not know of the packs relocation; she had only assumed it to have left these Wilds altogether, else she might have offered to take him to where his family resided in good faith. Towhee, to her knowledge, led them, and Hydra had liked her. Hydra could respect her leaving without a word in lieu of her friends instinct for self-preservation; if the Blackfeathers were that much of a threat that they would leave entirely, then there likely was no time to go and have a conversation with her about it. 

I am sorry that you did not find them there, she responded. I too went to go and see my friend, your sister, Towhee—it was disappointing to see that they were no longer there. I do not know where they moved to, she admitted, and so if home is where they are... I am afraid I cannot help you, she spoke in earnest. This was a brother of her dearest friend at this point in her life. By proxy, Hydra held him in good favor (better than most she would have just met for the first time). Those that she had met that bore his surname with the exception of the murderer were good, decent wolves. Towhee, Phox, Raven, Orca, Gannet—there were others she was sure she had missed among them that she thought well of. One bad egg among them did not mean anything to her, except for that the egg ought to be disposed of, lest fouler things than just a scent arise from it. 

Hydra met Gannet's glance, and observed, and felt the question he wanted to ask—it came with knowing him so well, and with him being an open book. So her gaze shifted toward Whip, and she said, there is room for you here, if you would like to join us, she offered. We simply expect that you pull your weight and are loyal, as any pack would, she informed. Gannet's own situation was due to how he came to be among them; but, Hydra felt he had proven his loyalty and ought to no longer be an Omega. As her gaze panned to him and her tail waved, she felt it worth discussing with him and her family, too. He was loyal and more than pulled his weight; their youngest generation adored him, plainly, and though he might not be family in name, he was pack. To Hydra, he might as well be.
Whip pondered on whether or not home remained with the Redhawk clan for a silent, reflective moment. The home he remembered did not remain, and he had seen that the last time he briefly took refuge among his own kin. The dynamic of power -- the stability he remembered as a pup -- had shifted so dynamically. Whip partially suspected the war with blackfeather and the inexperience of his younger sister in a leadership role all played a hand in the family's undoing. After all, Whip drifted away from Redhawk territory months ago for these, and some personal, reasons. Since Themiscyra, Whip hadn't felt at home anywhere. 

"It hasn't been home for quite some time," he mused, rolling his shoulder's forward in a languid shrug. Having abandoned the Redhawk clan twice over, Whip knew all the bridges to his family were burnt. All save for Gannet, of course. Gannet being the one Redhawk Whip hadn't dissapointed yet. There was this draw to normalcy, to stability, that drew Whip to the mountain pack. His brother's presence compounded on this instinctual pull. Thanfully, Hydra extended the proverbial hand.

"If you'll have me, I'd like that," Whip told her. Able-bodied as he was, he could pull his weight and earn his keep. Of that, Whip was certain.
His admittance surprised and pleased her both, though this did not break through upon her features. And as he took her up on her offer, Hydra's tail swayed and she nodded, stepping over the proverbial boundary line to press the scent of Moonspear upon his hide and investigate the scents he wore before she drew into the territory again. Come, I will show you around, she offered, and peered to Gannet, the offer to join them present in her still swaying tail.
Gannet nodded and moved to Whip's side, gently touching his shoulder to his brother's (if allowed) before moving away to go alongside. It had been years since they were pups together at the Caldera, but Whip had been his closest brother, especially after Peter passed. How much could that have changed?

Turns out, time had changed them both quite a bit. But only time would tell if they could get back to where they were back then.