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Full Version: So give me all your poison, and give me all your pills~
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Maybe the farther he ran away, the better it would be. The voices in his head-- his father's disapproval, his mother's lies - -they would all go away. Because he hated it. Life on this earth was a living hell as long as the voices wouldn't go away. Telling him to do things he didn't want to do.

They come when it's quiet. When there's no other sounds.

Drac reaches the top of the old volcano and lets out a shrieking howl of frustration, then stands, gritting his teeth. Why can't he escape? It's like his family is everywhere and everyone; the woman in the forest, the man by the sea, all the creatures he's seen. He sees their eyes in them. Their souls in them.

One day he will return and destroy them all, burn their home to ashes. But right now, he's too weak.
oh i can never resist a chaotic evil character heh

she had allowed herself a small detour from the woods, everything had seemed to be in order and she was sure she wouldn't be missed if she slipped out for a few hours at least. as much as she enjoyed residing within the dark forest it still felt good to get out every once in a while and she set off at a brisk trot- no real destination in mind but content to simply wander for the time being. nevertheless there was a wariness to her as she moved from the flatlands, she didn't know where the melonii had settled but she had an inkling that it was somewhere within the great bear wilderness. this was simply guessed by both coming across aries around here and the fact that they'd all travelled to the woods with seeming ease. 

she wouldn't admit it but as she moved she could not help but also keep an eye out for the dark man, not sure wether she was relieved or disappointed that he didn't surface. the ground beneath her slopes now and she slows to a walk- ears pricked atop her head as she takes in the greenery. a rustle had caught her attention and after spinning on small paws she would spot the source of the sound- a surprisingly plump looking rabbit hopping about the undergrowth. she would make the unconcious decision to drop into a hunters crouch, it went against any basic instinct to simply waste a meal like that. so carefully she would slip along on paws of mastered silence- careful to keep low enough to shield her snowy pelt. she got as close as could be expected before her target grew suspicious but it was much too late for just as large ears swivelled in her direction and it began to straighten she shot from her place and hit it square in the chest before wasting no time in ending its life. 

satisfied the woman would straighten, tongue cleaning the blood from her lips but already some had dripped to her chest to stain the pure fur crimson. not that it was a strange sight to her, all too familiar in fact. she wasn't too hungry so she picked up the large rabbit with the intention of bringing it back but aware that she was so close to the top she would continue upwards before returning home. however it was not long before another scent hit her and it would only take a couple more steps before she came across a man of earthen tones. no words would leave her but she'd watch intently- allowing him to be the one to set the tone.