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Full Version: fed me skittles on a burial ground
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On the south end of Grouse Thicket, near Cricket Creek Bog.  For @Raven.

How many miles had he crossed?  He was tired, worn pitifully thin, paw pads cracked from being constantly on the move.  Peregrine looked ragged on a good day, and the travel wasn't helping him any.

But he had to keep moving.  

She'd told him about this place as he grew up — not that he thought he'd ever find it.  It hadn't been his intention to come to the Teekon Wilds.  He couldn't tell that this was her home by the way it looked but by the way it smelled.  Scent is the least verbose of all the senses.  Perfume lingers, and then it's gone.  He wished to hold onto it just a little longer.  His chest squeezed, his stomach churned.

Oh, mama.  

Grief and anger flared up in him, and just as quickly vanished.  His ears fell to the side as his lips flattened, and he drew his nose to the ground to pick up an apple to carry with him on his way out.  Just a little while longer.
Sorry for the wait! Still so excited to see this guy in-game! <3

It had been a long morning with the pups. Bateleur had been colicky and fussy, and the other two were just generally trying to get on every last one of the few nerves she had left. This was par for the course with babies, of course, and it was nothing new to her, and while she had vast reserves of patience -- perhaps more than the average wolf, even -- she was still an ordinary mortal wolf and had limits. Thankfully their father had returned from his rounds a little early and had offered to watch the kids for a while so she could get some air, and she was doing just that now.

She didn't typically wander far from home, but curiosity had taken her past the northern boundaries of her forest and out into the reedy, sweeping lowlands that led to a swampy bog to the east. It was serene out here, and while Raven did not miss the expansive openness and exposure she'd had to endure at the plateau, she found she rather appreciated it in smaller doses. It was strange to see the plateau from this angle, towering high above to the west, and as she resumed walking toward the thicket her pack had hunted so frequently before, she smiled. She was happier where she was now.

Soon, an unfamiliar scent came to her and she paused, peering around. She had three very good reasons to be cautious when dealing with strangers outside the protection of her packlands, so as her eyes caught sight of a dark-furred stranger not so far off, she woofed a soft and curious greeting. Friend? Or foe? Any sign of aggression would send her on a beeline straight back to the glade, but as always, she hoped that wouldn't be the case.
Peregrine's mind was so preoccupied with thoughts of his mother that when Raven's woof caught his attention, he had to double-take.  There was no mistaking that it wasn't her; even in the darkness her fur had been so brilliant.  The apple tumbled from his mouth and rolled across the ground between them.

Oh, he said before scrunching his nose and and running his tongue across the roof of his mouth to dispel the taste of the fruit, hey.  He swept a step closer, tail wagging gently behind him.  I'm not... getting in the way of anything, am I?
His reaction, clearly caught off guard and not threatening in the least, put Raven at ease and disarmed her enough to bring a smile to her face. The sight of him standing there with an apple at his feet suddenly conjured images of an adorably apple-drunk Ceara and she felt a pang of sadness — she missed her old friend. She was completely oblivious to the connection the two of them shared, of course, but her fiery companion was never far from her thoughts regardless.

”Oh no,” she replied hastily, her tail waving good-naturedly behind her as she drew a few steps nearer. ”Not at all! I was just out for a walk and saw you, thought I’d say hello. I’m Raven and I live near here. How about you?”