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Full Version: Leadership ranks and pack managers
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Hey friends! This has happened a few times now, so I wanted to clear up any confusion around it. I've been popping into a few channels to ask various packs which ranks are leader ranks, since these have the distinction of being synonymous with pack managers, who get a special role both in Discord and here on the board.

If I could have one leader/representative from each pack clarify which ranks are leader/PM ranks here, that would be grand. I used Firebirds as an example below! Please use your PM account to reply, since that makes my life a whole lot easier.

Quote:Firebirds: Sovereign, Regent

Then I can go through and mark them on our end so we as CMs have a better understanding across all the packs, since some folks have non-leaders in the top tier. :)

Moonspear (default ranks)
Uaine Gorsedd
Quote:Diaspora: General, Kapitän

Quote:the Pionier rank is bestowed monthly based on activity, and is not a true PM position
Quote:Undómiel and Arórëlen are the leading head of the pack, ICly alphas, and can rule alone or in pairs. Same goes for Ungoliantë and Árateñkele, who are ICly beta ranked.

So, mod permissions for all four, please! <3
Quote:Kaistleoki: Count, Constable, Chamberlain, Chancellor
Quote:Rusalka: Alpha and Beta are PM/leadership ranks
Leadership ranks of Nightwalkers: Warlord and General

Both Asori and I agree that their mates, the Consorts, are yes, highly respected and have some power like their counterparts, thus being in the first tier; but they are not technically leaders and should not have PM powers since they are so heavily linked to their partners.
Easthollow: Matriarch, Patriarch, Associate
AH i knew i needed to post somewhere else lmao

UG: Archdruid, Paladin, Magician and Bard are leadership ranks.
Thanks for the quick responses everyone!