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Full Version: alea iacat est
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It comes in the night. 

Hunger drives it; has dragged it from whatever hell it wandered and set it loose here. It is a great, lumbering beast, terrible and ugly, small dark eyes set far back in its great skull. Each heavy step seems a struggle, the great head rolls to the side and snaps at empty air and shadows. Sickness rolls off it, festering, and whatever intelligent thoughts may have driven the body once are decayed, gone. The bear stops, then, at the body of the once Warlord. Another sluggish snap at shadows, and then the great beast moves to tear, consume. 

When the stars fade, and grey stretches tentatively across the sky, the beast is vanished. There remain only the signs that once, it walked there, and a body torn asunder.

Written by @Hela
Vanity hadn't bothered to put the festering body underground, but thought it would look like a good decoration when she removed it from the borders but didn't put it too close to the dens. Knowing that swarms of things would relish in the rotting flesh that only the deceased Warlord liked, and was now reduced to.

But the huntress, despite loving her sleep, was on night patrol.
After Alison's departure, she took up the post.
And she knew it was here.
Vanity followed the sluggish beast from the borders, knowing it was following the rancid scent. She was surprised it wasn't brought here sooner; Vengeance smelt the same in life and death.
She would have to protect any who came in contact with it. If at all.
She almost hoped the young Warlord would appear and get smacked into oblivion.
Then she could claim the kill and become Warlord herself.
But she let the rancid ursine feast on the decayed body, then retreat back to whence it came from.

She wondered if it would do anything on its retreat.
It didn't.
But she prowled the borders, waiting for it to come back for more.