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Full Version: Anarórë
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summary: Because of her delicate state, a relentless Agana explores the Sawtooth in search of a ‘nest’.
time: morning, 14/02
        Agana was relentless; she was most likely showing by now and she could no longer deny the fact she would soon be a mother. Sometimes she just lies on the ground and stares at her belly, thinking it will get bigger and heavier with each day. Aches were now a regular occurring, but they did not affect her mood most days.
        Thinking of it, she did not have yet her own place to sleep like she did back in the vale. So early in the morning she gathered her energy and padded along the Sawtooth. Snow covered the ground almost everywhere she looked, small black patches of earth scattered across the silver landscape. The argent ascended on a hill and raised her muzzle, golden gaze searching for nothing in particular yet.
        The Klinge descended slowly and continued on her walk as the faint rays of the sunrise hit her stone mane that hugged her shoulders gently. Golden gaze turned to see her belly that was covered in orange hues, rounder than its usual shape. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as the corners tugged into a smile; Agana regained her original position and continued her search.
Though the spring was in full swing in most adult's minds, Elfie was innocently unaware of all the jolly-rogering that went around in secret and in not so secret places. He was innocent, naive and childish and his mind was occupied with eithere vivid daydreams that made no sense to him or with practical matters: such as hunting or hanging out with Stag, who had proven to be a great companion to have around. 

Therefore, when he came upon Agana - one of the packmates he did not know much about - he gave her one superficial look, did not notice anything that would have drawn attention of keener or more interested audience. "Hey," he greeted the agouti lady with a friendly smile. "Do you want to go exploring?" he suggested. It had been a task given by the leaders, Sawtooth spire was quite big and there was a good reason, why Elfie did not wish to do it alone. He just hoped that the nice lady would not ask why.
        The grey female was taken by surprise by an unfamiliar voice; it was also a child’s voice. She could only think about how her children would look; how many she would have; if all of them will survive or not. The corner of her lips tugged up into a smile at the thoughts, then her golden vision focused on the sandy boy that disturbed her walk.

        “I’d love to.” She answered softly, her voice and attitude gentler than before. Truth be told, she loved to explore as well; and this would be the perfect opportunity to know more of her packmates. ”I did not have time nor the energy to go exploring since we arrived.” the grey female confessed as a deep sigh escaped her throat; she needed time to process the whole ‘future mother’ thing.
Upon a closer and more detailed look at Agana, Elfie realized that he was not entirely immune to the charming qualities of older females as well. She did not make him blush and stammer the same way Arlette or Quellcrist had, because there was still a considerable age gap between them, but... she looked nice. And the boy's heart swelled with pride, when she agreed to come and explore with him. 

"Okay!" he said with a wag of his tail. "So-o-o-o..." he drawled contemplatively, while looking around for any clues of direction. Since Agana had not provided any herself. "Let's go that way?" he beckoned in the direction of somewhere that did not end with a fall.
        The little shrimp before her wagged his tail and it made her heart twitch; Agana did not have a really good relationship with children, she despised them when she was younger. Her parents kept teasing her with ‘another addition to the family’, which never materialized; or so she thinks. What if her parents had other children after she left?
        The grey female shook her head and focused once more on the shrimp;
“Lead the way,” she nodded and padded into the direction the boy showed her. “Tell me, did you find any interesting places around here?” he surely had the time and the energy to run around the Sawtooth, unlike her.
That super-adorable-shrimp of days past had by now grown into a lobster. At almost one year of age Elfie had reached adult size and proportions were mostly right. Tall and leggy, but there was still room for muscle to fill in and for the body to mature. But even with all that there was something about the boy that made him almost endearingly childish and way younger than his actual age. 

"No, not really. I..." Elfie replied to Agana's question, trying to find a good reason, why he had not gone around much (he did not wish to tell her that he had been suffering from headaches during that time, when Mahler's medicine had not been available). "I know, where to hunt. But I have not seen the interesting bits. There have to be such," he finished and wagged his tail. 

"What about you?" he asked, since it was the easiest question to come up with.