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Seeking to found a comfortable home upon the familiarity of the coast built of trusted individuals, the triplet sisters Ying, Huā, and Mei create Yuèlóng. The pack resurrects the mandarin culture of the southern beaches in which they were born. The ranks are based around trades, and the pack encourages filial piety and respect.  
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tier i

huángdì (emperor/empress) | secular leader in territory on day-to-day basis. his/her word is law.

miàozhǔ (high priest/high priestess) | religious leader. hosts ceremonies & guides the pack through religious means.

shàngjiàng (admiral) | diplomatic leader. manages war and inter pack relations, long-term focus.

tier ii

gēnjú (pursuant) | lead hunter. instructs packmates during pack hunts.

yīshēng (doctor) | lead caregiver. directs nurses & handles more difficult cases.

shīrén (bard) | lead chronicler. recites epics and poetry, sings songs, and teaches history of the pack to new generations.

gùwèn (advisor) | lead counselor. their focus is on advising the leadership with broader issues, but they may also assist in day-to-day conflict between individuals.

lǜrén (green) | lead naturalist. fully immersed with the world around them, and may be able to read stars or predict the weather.

shǐzhě (emissary) | lead scout. represents leaders when necessary & accompanies them at inter-pack meetings.

jiàngguān (general) | lead mercenary. commands soldiers & consults the emperor/empress in times of war.

tier iii

sēng (monk) | wolves with the spiritualist trade.

lièrén (hunter) | wolves with the hunter trade.

hùshi (nurse) | wolves with the caregiver trade.

shǐguān (scribe/historian) | wolves with the chronicler trade.

cānzàn (counselor) | wolves with the counselor trade. 

kēxuéjiā (scientist) | wolves with the naturalist trade.

zhēnchá (scout) | wolves with the scout trade.

zhànshì (warrior) | wolves with the mercenary trade.

tier iv

rénmen | newest members to the pack.

tier v

háizi (child) | members ages 6-9 moons. 

bǎo bǎo (precious baby) | members 6 moons and under. 

tier vi

púrén (servant) | captives, made to do favors and work for the others.

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Founded— February 27 2020
present— Huā, Aiolos
past— Mei, Ying, Atausiq
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priests read stars in a process called 明星耳语 | míngxīng ěryǔ (lit. “star whispering”). each individual does it differently, but they believe the stars are all distant dragons with their own lessons to teach.

good souls live on the moon with rìzhào. bad souls are turned into starfish, which can be eaten without consequence.
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rìzhào came to mei in a dream... the gods are sources of wisdom, taking on a role similar to that of totem animals. they can help one through life’s struggles, make decisions, & become their best self. gods may also give prophecies. their answers are typically vague to allow for self-improvement.

all life began in the sea, but some moved to land. wolves were once like seals until they chose to become terrestrial. most wolves have lost this connection to the sea, but those who stay may form a close tie to the gods.

rìzhào (sunshine): lives on & rules the moon. controls the tide. he is the sun, glowing bright by day. he returns to the moon at night, which is why the moon glows. gives wisdom.

cāng (blue-green/azure/vast water): source of life on earth; controls weather. gives prophecies.


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Enter that little cave in the side of the hill, and you'll find yourself suddenly aware of how the temperature drops, how the ground slopes downward as you follow its path. All light seems to vanish until the winding tunnel opens up into a vast cavern. A glowing pool of seawater is illuminated by a single hole in the ceiling, allowing moonlight into the place. It's a glorious miracle of nature. [Image: 1590468999501.png]

The island's most noticeable feature from a distance is the elevated hill towards its center. Spotted by a couple of trees here and there, the peak is wide open to the blue sky and gives a fantastic vantage point of the entire island.
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By the edge of the island, the hill slopes down to a rocky group of little pools. At high tide, they are mostly submerged, but at low tide they become separate bodies of water from the ocean. Find yourself lucky, and you might discover a cornucopia of tiny treats within the pools.
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A clearing in the forest at which the land comes to a rather sudden drop. Fall in and you'll find yourself in a relaxing pool below ground level, whose walls grow vines that seem to stretch for miles. Despite the steep drop, climbing out is not as impossible as it seems- a subtle sort of rocky stairway is conveniently located to the side of one wall, barely noticeable. name credit to Mai.
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A wide cavern opens in the side of the rocky hill. A river which flows in from the ocean follows its dwindling tunnel. Though not a particularly exciting location (as the cavern does not split, but rather meets a dead end), the cave is a good place to find shelter from thunderstorms or a cool place to rest on a hot day.
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LAVENDER XIN (xin meaning heart)
A delicate and lovely field, dotted by a plethora of lavender flowers. The beach is visible just past them, and the sky is wide open above. The scent of the flowers is intoxicating, shooting cupid's arrow through the hearts of lovers who come here together.
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A rock formation rises out of the water. At low tide, wolves can stand beneath it on the wet sand- at high tide, its base is submerged. The beautiful sculpture of nature serves as an altar for marriage in Yuèlóng. name credit to Mai.
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The place where Ruò has made her den is a large rock by the water, comparable to "Pride Rock" in The Lion King on a much smaller scale. The tip is a good place to rest and gaze at the tapestry of stars, and underneath a hollowed portion of the rock leaves enough room for a little den.


Yuèlóng is initially led by two sisters, Mei and Huā. Ying, the third sister, is offered implied leadership but denies, and is instead ranked as the lead hunter. A lot of the pack's initial member base is made up of the cousins of the Jiāngs, but Huā has to let go of her xenophobia for locals and begins to allow more foreign members into the pack. Orochi is the first general, and Aiolos the first head scout.