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Full Version: Ursus
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Pack Basics

Name: Ursus
Ranks: here
Location: Bearclaw Valley
Region: Rising Sun Valley
Acronym: BCV
Founded: April 20th, 2020
Pack Colours: Parsley  #196619 & Silver Chalice  #a1a1a1




Merrick: Bruin-witch (4.20.20 — present)
Astara: Bruin-tooth (4.20.20 — present)
Evien: Bruin-leaf (8.20.20 — present)



Founding Members

@Merrick @Astara @Ulysses @Evien @Skoll Almir @Ico @Taylor @Toad @Averna @Revui @Phoebe @Galena @Rosina

Returning to his birthplace, Merrick, alongside long-time companion Astara, seek to build a life anew in Bearclaw Valley. Known as a natural fortress, Bearclaw is a small valley basin bordered by impenetrable mountain ledge. There is one singular entrance into Bearclaw, a red path darkened by pinestraw and the tread of common passage.