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Full Version: PM Powers and Profiles
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It's come to our attention that, over the past while, PMs have been using their capabilities to modify profiles and view profile information in a way that is unnecessary for managing trades and ranks.

At times this can be harmless, especially when the player is contacted beforehand.  But regardless, it is a misuse of the PM position and has been used for purposes such as:
  • Directly copying profile formatting without obtaining permission
  • Identifying anonymous accounts against player wishes
  • Occasionally, modifying player formatting without express permission
No matter the intentions, playful or otherwise, the above are in direct violation of our number one rule on Wolf - courtesy.  Rather than try to police this, the CM team has decided to remove the ability for PMs to update player profiles.

Instead, ranks and profile fields will need to be managed through the ModCP.  There will be some coding work that will need to be done for this, so the transition may not be 100% smooth.  I hope to have an update out shortly, schedule allowing!  But in the interim, PMs can post any trade requests in Maintenance for the CM team to handle. (Clarification: PMs will still need to read and verify threads associated with the trade requests - once they have done that, they can request the trade in Maintenance)  

- CMs/ACMs

(Minor aside - I do not believe that rank updates and current ModCP functionality will be adversly affected by this update.  If it is, please let us know in this thread and I will include that in the updates I am making!)
I seem to have access to the Purge Spammer when viewing some profiles (Avicus, Aventus, Thade and Ciri, for example). I never noticed if it was there before, so I'm not sure if it's a result of this change or just something I routinely overlook, but I'm assuming PMs shouldn't have access to this, either?
@Wylla Can you post a screenshot?

Never mind, found it! Option should be gone now. :)

It was previously an option for any account with fewer than 10 posts, which is likely why you didn’t come across it often.
So with this change - I guess even if I have the permission from someone to edit their profile coding and assist them, I can't do that anymore? :(

Have the CMs thought about adding another permission mask for people who can code / might want to offer coding help in that way, or... we aren't allowed to do it at all now, even if someone asks? Its much easier to pop in and edit directly, is all.
Yep, you’ll need to send the code directly to them.
To answer the second question - doing so would basically eliminate the purpose of this change, so there's no plans for that going forward!  

One way to work up profile styles for another user might be to use an inactive character to test with?  That way you don't need to modify your own profiles, but can send the code their way tested and verified.