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The Saints are a group that lives a savage lifestyle where battle is their main focal point. The Blades (Warriors) are greatly honored in the pack and usually make up most of their numbers—even though every rank is expected to be able to hold their own in a fight. They’re headstrong and independent. Although known to claim few allies, they’re truly loyal to the ones they have. Only the strong can join this pack, whether it be physically or mentally; every individual has a strength, The Saints plan to put it to use.

As a description for IC reference: The Saints are supposed to be more dangerous than even Ursus and the Nightwalkers. Yet they are not blind to reason and take pride in their pack and skills.


Group Name


Hideaway Strath - Tuktu Hinterlands

July 25, 2020

 #D4AC0C &  #000000


Donovan Azura | The Grandmaster (July 25, 2020–current)
Nyra | The Overseer (February 1st, 2021--current)

Donovan Azura
Finley Grebe


Currently none.

Any pack not on either of these two lists are currently known as neutrals to the Saints.


Previous to the Teekon Wilds, Donovan ruled over a great sum of land he called The Abbey. His pack of 28 was the lead pack in the area. The Saints easily terrified some of their susceptible neighbors, while others weren’t so impressed by their antics. Their savagery made them feared by most; a well-known example: taking prisoners. They’d torture them ruthlessly. Once their victim had enough and perished, the Saints weren’t above consuming them afterwards.

Donovan’s power hungry nature made few allies and many enemies. He and his people were constantly at war with many packs. The few allies he gathered were reliable enough to say that the malicious man always kept his word to them and never stabbed them in the back.

Having plundered and killed many, this led to a wolfdog spy by the name of Sasha, led by humans and told to infiltrate and find the location of the pack. Her mission successful, she blew the whistle, leading humans straight to their den. They eradicate the entirety of the pack, causing the extinction of all the Saints but one—Donovan.

In an attempt to build anew in the Teekon Wilds, Donovan travels in search of new followers.

Mixture of Military/Cult/Religion
(anything written in between is the number of individuals allowed to have that rank)

Tier 1 Ranks -
  1. The Grandmaster (Referred to as Lord) [1] — One of two leaders of the pack. Their word is law and will be responsible for final decisions. The Grandmaster and the Overseer make all the decisions for the pack, while also taking opinions and information from the tier 2 ranks. If a decision cannot be chosen, a vote will be held with all tier 1 and 2 ranks. 
    (Requires 10 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 warrior threads, 3 leadership/taking charge threads, 2 strategy/planning threads)
  2. The Overseer [1] — Equal of rank to the Grandmaster. The Overseer exists to be a counterpart of the Grandmaster and the Grandmaster will fulfil the same role to the Overseer. The second rank is to ensure the strength in leadership is honest and to keep one another in check. Has the same duties as the Grandmaster as well. 
    (Requires 10 unique threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 warrior threads, 3 leadership/taking charge threads, 2 strategy/planning threads)
Tier 2 Ranks - 
  1. The Harbinger [1] — Second in command to the two above, first in command in the tier 2 ranks. The Harbinger, also known as the harbinger of death, will lead the pack if the Grandmaster and the Overseer become deceased (Until a new Grandmaster/Overseer is elected/chosen) or is not present. Usually always accompanies the Grandmaster/Overseer with anything they need. Provides advice on decisions and provides any information to the lord that the lower ranks have. Keeps track of the lower Tier 2 Ranks. They also serve as the Diplomat to the pack. If the Grandmaster decides not to go to another pack they will send the Overseer in their stead. 
    (Requires 8 unique threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 warrior threads, 2 leadership/taking charge threads, 1 Diplomatic thread)
  2. The General [1] — Provides battle and strategy advice to the Grandmaster and Overseer at all times, especially during times of war. Controls and looks after the Blades, Stalkers, and Scouts. Is an expert at combat esc battle strategy/planning. 
    (Requires 8 unique threads of the individual showing these qualities: 7 warrior threads, 1 strategy/planning thread)
  3. The Priest/Priestess [1] — In charge of keeping track of all ranks health and needs. They are a physical and spiritual healer. They are an expert at healing and caregiving. This individual will provide advice for the Tier 1 and 2 Ranks from a less war torn point of view on situations. Is expected to view all types of situations from a logical and fair point of view for all parties included, even the enemy. 
    (Requires 8 unique threads of the individual showing these qualities: 3 warrior threads, 1 leadership thread, 4 caretaking threads or 4 counselor threads)
Tier 3 Ranks -
  1. Paladin (Honorary Title) [1] — Usually hand picked from the Blades, the Paladin is the most skilled warrior out of the bunch. They’re responsible for teaching and training the Blades alongside the General. More likely to be picked if the individual has another trade. To get this rank, one must either challenge the individual who already owns the rank or show a great feat of skill. In order to do this, they must own the Blade trade or must have already been ranked as a Blade. Lastly, anyone of any trade can challenge them in a 1v1 during the Trial of the Blades. In order to take their place, the individual challenging must win. 
    (Requires 5 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 warrior threads)
  2. Blades [Unlimited] — warriors of the pack; they are greatly honored and are expected to be able to hold their own in a fight. The blades are held at a higher standard than the other military esc. ranks such as the Agents and Stalkers. A lot is expected of them. 
    (Requires 5 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 warrior threads)
  3. Stalker [2] — Otherwise known as a spy; they’re expected to risk their lives upon other packs borders to gather information. In some situations, they are sent in to listen in on secret rendezvous other packs might have. Agents take orders from the General on their next job. Only two places are available for this rank. 
    (Requires 5 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 spying threads)
  4. Scout [2] — They are they just what their name calls them out to be: a scout. Known to be able to travel long distances they’re to be sent out first to have eyes on the battlefield and report back any important information. Taking everything they see to memory, they’re expected to provide every valuable detail to the General on command. They’re also used to take messages from pack to pack. Only two places are available for this rank. 
    (Requires 5 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 scout threads)
  5. Huntsman [Unlimited] — Seasoned hunters of the pack; they are the main few that provide food for the cache. They’re also responsible for bringing food to mothers fresh with pups. They are knowledgeable in hunting strategies and will dictate the movement of lower or Tier 2 ranks while in a pack hunt–unless accompanied by a tier 1 rank. (Of course, everyone can contribute to the cache, but these individuals are specifically tasked to hunt from the pack.) 
    (Requires 5 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 hunting threads)
  6. Medic [Unlimited] — Valued members of the pack; these individuals give life back to the injured. These healers are trusted in medicine and the treatment of wounds. Caregiving is their main speciality/focus. 
    (Requires 5 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 caregiving threads) 
  7. Disciple [Unlimited] — These wolves guide the pack with spiritual teachings and bring power and prosperity to the pack with their prayers. (Requires 5 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 spiritual threads) 
  8. Listener [Unlimited] — The listener does just as the rank entails — listens. They are the counselors of the pack. Dutiful and willing to help anyone who is in need of a good ear or an opinion. (Requires 5 threads of the individual showing these qualities: 5 counselor threads)
Tier 4 Ranks -
  1. Specialist [Unlimited] — Those who’re in the act of gaining/training for a tier 3 rank or speciality. They’re an active and trusted member of the pack. To gain this rank, pm one of the tier 1 ranks–must be active in the pack for at least a week and a half. (No thread required)
  2. Acolyte [Unlimited] — One will automatically gain this rank after one month of being in the pack, even with no IC interaction. This is the rank pups will automatically graduate to when they reach the required age. (No thread required)
  3. Underling [Unlimited] — Newest member of the pack. One will keep this rank until having been in the pack for one month. Unless the individual climbs rank through IC means. (No thread required)
Tier 5 Ranks - 
  1. The Daggers [8] — The pups and young of the pack. The name originally taken from the Blades, only much smaller.
  2. Captive [Unlimited] -- Wolves that have been captured by the pack for torture. They are to be treated as the scum of the pack ad hold no power. They can be treated as any member of the pack sees fit. They will often be held close to a Tier 1 or Tier 2 member for security.


The Tier 1 ranks can have a mate/partner that can be titled as a consort, yet said consort does not have any rank or position higher than the other tier 1 or tier 2 ranks. Said consort will keep whatever rank they held prior to being a consort, for consort is more of an additional title if anything.
All tier 3 ranks are equal to each other. Except for the Paladin, they only hold an honorary title over the blades. Though they are all equal to each other, the military ranks (Paladin, Blades, Stalkers, Scouts) are held at a much higher standard than the other non-warrior related ranks and are expected to withhold a deferent level of discipline. A lot is expected of them.
Of course, everyone can have varying interests in trades and interests. Just because an individual is a Medic doesn’t mean they can’t also be a warrior. We encourage diversity within the ranks!

Challenging Rank:
There are different ways to get rank. One of which is rank challenging. In order to challenge for a rank, the individual challenging going must have the threads required for the rank they’re challenging for. 
The only ranks that can be challenged are the Tier 1 & 2 ranks and the Paladin rank in tier 3.
When challenging a Tier 1 rank, the individual challenging must have the majority vote of the pack in order to overthrow the other being challenged. If they challenge and do not earn the majority of the vote, it is encouraged, but not mandatory, for the one challenged to fight the challenger to prove their superiority in a fight event (preferably not to the death). No matter the outcome of the battle (if, the individual who challenged will not gain the rank of the one they challenged if they do not get the majority of the pack beforehand.

Earning Rank:
Another way to get rank: IC progression and earning trades (trades = the ones made by WOLF and the ones made by the pack). We require every individual to have 5 different threads (8 for Tier 2 ranks and 10 for Tier 1 ranks) of the specific rank you want to claim. Whether it’s a trade on WOLF like Mercenary, or a trade made up by the pack like Agent/Spy. An individual MUST hold the status of a Tier 3 rank before attempting to hold a Tier 1 or 2 rank. Different new and unique threads are needed to transition to different ranks. One cannot reuse the threads used in becoming a Blade to try and put it towards a tier 2 rank.

Since we want and encourage variety in the pack, we don’t require someone to have the Mercenary trade to be a Blade. Or the Caretaker trade to be a Medic and etc. Only the correct number of threads one needs pertaining to that rank.

For Example
If one wants to gain the Stalker rank, they must have 5 separate threads of their character spying on, or gathering secretive (or not) information from another pack/group. 
The number of threads someone has only goes towards that rank. So, if desired, an individual that wants to be a Blade (warrior) can have real WOLF trades with a main trade of Hunter and a secondary trade of Caretaker, but if they give proof of 5 (or however many threads needed for the rank desired) threads demonstrating warrior like acts. Upon completion and after they’ve given the proof to their pack leaders, the rank of Blade will be given to them. This goes for any other trade/rank as well.
• Tier 2 ranks are demoted and replaced after 3 weeks of inactivity.
• You can have any trade and it won’t affect what rank you are as long as you have the required threads for that rank.
• Rank challenges are LIVE (must have required threads before challenging).
• All tier 3 ranks are equal to each other (except the Paladin).
• Only the Tier 1 ranks can produce offspring. Other lower ranked couples can be offered a litter of pups by the tier 1 ranks or challenge for the right to breed if they say no.

Hideaway Strath & Internal Territories
[Image: Hideaway_Strath_20210215224545.png]
Territory #1 - The Gates
[Image: 9c06e5d8f2adc34e9e62d420ddedd00132a8d3aa.png]
A rocky, forested place that contains the river running through the valley. The Stoney terrain allows for easily watching incoming wolves from above 
Territory #2 - Dragonfly Wood
[Image: folAQDEBVvYi-eREauMkm1aWfH53hbTchGODN76T...Mx8Wt8.png]
Come to be known for the many dragonflies seen closer to the river, Dragonfly Wood is a lush area filled with enchanting greenery in the spring and summer, but a barren, foreboding place in harsh winters. Ferns and other similar plant life, as well as herbs, are common in this area.

Territory # 3 - The Deep Hills
[Image: 70120805f0dc8f25841b174df4c51adf.png] 

Closer to the Bonesplinter and the Barrier Mountains in general, the Deep Hills slope upward sporadically with some rocky terrain mixed in. This area is also prone to get the occasional stray mountain goat, as well as deer.

Territory #4 - The Creekwood 
[Image: 42fd2c80a5c6ed8361985c8260c895a7.png]

Willows aren't a common thing in this area, yet in this spot specifically, they reside all the same by a smaller portion of the river that turns into a faerie-worthy collection of lush greenery, streams, and willow trees in the warm seasons. Commonly also great for catching the occasional smaller fish, and an amazing little paradise to bask in late afternoon sun. In the winter, it's just as enchanting!

Territory #5 - The Winding Sweep 
[Image: 022cd099a1c35bc15a4086745feb8df9.png] 

Most of the "lighter" forested areas of the Strath will look like if not akin to this, infested with Cedars and other non-pine trees, with the occasional pine locate within. The Winding Sweep stretches from the exit of the inner Gates and through to just North of Morass Edge. 

Territory #6 - Mosses Beach 
[Image: bbfa711762dc522602877129136f7c07.png]

Not necessarily a beach in the classic sense, rife with moss at the edges of the waters at all times moss is possible within the year. This place makes for a calming nap spot in the summer, and at later hours of the day, fireflies are also able to be seen! In fall and winter, the surrounding trees become barren and shed their leaves, leaving this little in-and-of-itself oasis to die and return the next year.

Territory #7 - The Gathering Rock
[Image: 81e8acbdd6f9d28cd85e005122d733c6.png]

A formation of large rocks, but one where any pack meetings can be held all the same. Sitting upon a slight hill rise, the rocks seem taller over the terrain than they are. Any able-bodied wolf can climb the boulders to stand atop them and address their packmates, as they make for a great pedestal.

Territory # 8 - The Chambers
[Image: 2515ff5fcf77d04dad395d28337e6cd8.png] 

The opening to the cave system is larger than it looks, sitting within the rising slopes of the mountains. Inner rooms include Gaia's Altar, a medic's dreamland within the cave system - a massive room filled with constant warm water, making up a decent lake surrounding an island in the middle, made of different heights of soil and rock, and infested with various types of herbs and moss.

Territory #9 - Moonshadow Clearing
[Image: Nasihatler-Telefon-Arkaplan-Hd-155.png]

A great clearing amidst all the trees, rocks, and shrubbery, Moonshadow Clearing is a great place for open-terrain sparring sessions and playful chases. An even ground, there's little room to trip over small dips, rocks, and roots here. The ground seems almost as even as nature can possibly allow for such a feral place.

Territory #10 - Fisher Island
[Image: an-aerial-view-of-the-ohio-river-islands...25x482.png]

A small island in the massive river, Fisher Island is great for catching fish and other tiny game that may have found its way to the isle.Swathed in trees and water-bound flora, the island is a tiny slice of alone time paradise, with a good swim as its price.

Territory #11 - Fireflower Glen
[Image: lCmIq5ENpxSc31bEya06MEjogpnE9WBod618NM8q...V2lBX5.png]

Named after the scarlet flowers within, Fireflower Glen is an amazing sight to see in the right sunlight. Sometimes, fireflies at dusk help brighten the enchanting sight of the place, rife with rolling hills and trees covered in the red flora of which the area claims its name.

Territory #12 - Twilight Hollow
[Image: 5eU_TzDg8yasAxreCG6mx16vGefyOIkR8-vIBubO...qhxuLb.png]

With purple flora that may or may not be a mix of foxglove, lavender, and others, Twilight Hollow takes after its name mostly with the colors of flowers within it, but also due to the witchy eerieness that drapes over the area as dusk befalls.

Territory #13 - Windrunner Fields
[Image: a14f317c7961a2e73fcfc57963178afa.png]

A prairie-field great for open sprinting and large-scale hunting such as elk, the Windrunner Fields are an open vastness of tall and short grasses over rolling hills toward the south of the valley, gradually returning to rocky forest terrain closer to the mountains.

Territory #14 - Morass Edge
[Image: tumblr_p14mnok88m1qmz8gjo1_540.png]

At the edges of the Strath, the trees open into marshland, mixing gradually into swampland and bogs as the land merges into the Black Morass. The land here is wet year-round and extremely cold in the winter. But, it may make a great frog-chasing spot to those who wish to antagonize the amphibians in the warmer months

"West of the Bonesplinter Ravine and east of Black Morass lies a suprising paradise; Hideaway Strath. A small divided by a river and partially sheltered by forest, the territory is akin to an oasis in the difficult terrain that makes up the Hinterlands. Hoowever, as much as it protects and provides for its inhabitants, the Strath can easily become a prison. Except for a narrow entry to the north, the valley is blocked by mountains and unforgiving earth on all sides."

Redsand Canyon Map & Internal Locations

"The canyon is a rare and splendid site. Spiers of red rock have been formed by years of strong winds into smooth contours, creating a labyrinth of narrow passageways closely hugged by marbled rock formations. Depending on the time of day, the canyon can appear red, orange, or even purple. It's said that a wolf larger than any known wolf lives within the canyon, but whether it's just a story for the wet ears of misbehaving pups or a fearsome truth is yet to be confirmed."


Territory #1 — Healer’s Pass
A mountainous area ripe with red mountains and evergreen trees. Famous for the beautiful variety of wild desert flowers and thriving plant life.

Territory #2 — The Devils Chalice
A small, yet dangerous area with an abundance of wild cacti of all shapes and sizes. These cacti protectively surround a small oasis that often fills with rain water, but just as easily dries up to nothing but a measly puddle over long periods of no precipitation. The water is lifesaving when one wants to risk getting past the dangerous plants that border it.

Territory #3 — Dead Dragon Lake
A shallow lake that tappers down into a slim river and even further into a stream that flows closer to Territory #6. A bridge of the infamous crimson stone arches over the middle of the lake, beautifully surrounded by the remaining mountains.

Territory #4 — Beecher’s Hope
A serene oasis walled in by the never ending canyon walls. One can only find this place by scaling a steep slope of red clay, when reaching the top the crystalline waters can be shown being fed by a small, trickling waterfall that resides from the mountain.

Territory #5 — The Catacombs
Narrow passage ways are found all throughout the canyons walls, getting lost isn't hard here. Some area become so narrow that those with claustrophobia might reconsider before they continue. The constant flow of water in some parts make it more dangerous to traverse; where some parts are shallow, others are much deeper and dangerous with no foreseeable way out. The dryer, sandier areas hidden within the blood colored clay reveal mind blowing views of what nature is really capable of. Revealing stones of odd shapes and beautiful hues of bight orange mottled with red.

Territory #6 — Warriors Heart
Here lies the Den of the Saints, also known as the Lion's Den. Initially daunting, this set of redstone canyon walls become much more towering further back towards the mountains. Forming into a 'C' shape, anyone who visits is likely to feel trapped. There are many walk ways carved into the walls from the many mountain lions that seemed to have previously lived there, allowing any with the desire to climb all the way to the flat top of the canyon walls. The walk ways also serve as exceptional basking and resting spots. Inside multiple tunnel systems lead into a grand internal cave, a room. Soft sand covers the rocky surface, the perfect place for a den.


Territory #7 — Paradise Falls
A grand sight to behold; a rushing waterfall that comes from the same water source that feeds into Arrow Lake. The glacial water creates crystal clear waters and a fun secluded spot to come swim on a hot day. Hidden well enough behind the towering canyon walls that usually only the sound of rushing water is the only sign of its existence. A variety of green shrubbery creates a well shaded area to dry off too, thought in the winter, the shrubs die and become nothing but unattractive, gnarled limbs of bark.

Territory #8 — Reapers Plain
A basic desert area with little to no vegetation and a severely dehydrated, cracked desert floor. The only acceptations are the wild flowers and a single oasis that resides in the middle of this sectioned off area that is usually fairly devoid of plant and animal life. The oasis is made up of a single wall of pale rock unlike most of the crimson clay that surrounds the area, a hand full of palm trees, and a small body of clear water.

Territory #9 — Redsand Canyon
The majority of the canyon is made up of miscellaneous shrubbery, sand and clay, and various oddly shaped rock formations. Any area unmarked on the map looks like the picture shown below.

Territory #10 — The Scar
A steep, dangerous crack in the ground left behind from the infamous earthquakes that wrecked havoc all throughout the Teekon Wilds. Upon further inspection, it almost seems bottomless.

Territory #11 — Serpent’s Lair
Over years the rivers have eroded the ground into the infamous landforms shown below. Erosion forms the streams into curving, snake like forms. Depending on the time of the day, the vibrant colors here reflected from the sky create a watercolor pattern of varying shades onto the mounds and water. A truly beautiful site to behold on anytime of the day. Though unlike most of the water in the canyon, these waters have become murkier for unknown reasons.

Territory #12 — Blood-soaked Beach
Unlike Territory 11, Territory 12's water is also crytal clear, though being from the same watersource, there is no logical reason to explain why. Or any a wolf would know anyway. The sangria sands of the are a breath taking sight and give the water an almost purple hue when combined with the tint of blue water. A magical aura surrounds the area.


Territory #13 — Paranoia Peaks
The entirety of this territry is blanketed in soft, loose sands, creating a land plentiful of sand dunes. A mysterious aura surrounds the area, the feeling of being followed isn't uncommon here.