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Full Version: Sometimes I feel like I just wanna go back to my old ways
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The raining started when she was idly staying within the stream. It was too hot for her to simply stay within the sun's ray, and if she did, Aerasha may have a heatstroke! With a perculiar condition, she only simply thought of a weakness to the sun. The summer was  dreadful, and she only wished to find a land with a pond to continue living by.

Now that there was rain however, she had slipped out of the creak and found shelter under one of the spruce tree's in the glade. Some water would occasionally trinkle down, but otherwise she had a comforting smile while waiting for it to pass.
[Image: db9vx4y-a587f146-b0a7-43d4-ba45-57a7aba6...aoE64yebnc]
"Heeeeey theereee." The rain covered the smell of any, so Aerasha could not detect if another came near. Though noise, despite so, she could hear another in the clearing, somewhere around. Though being a rather lethergic Princess, she didn't have desire to move from the coverage. While some trinkled down to her milky and creamy fur, it still held more then some area's in the glade.

She could vaguely see another movement, and so obviously, she initiated an attempt to converse despite having trouble seeing the other, "How yaaa doin'?"